Success Stories

March 26, 2024

ertce (EcoRing Singapore): leading the luxury resale scene on Carousell

EcoRing Singapore has been a prominent player in the luxury resale market since 2018. Specialising in pre-loved luxury pieces ranging from bags to watches and jewellery, we've been using Carousell as one of our primary sales platforms for our operations. Before entering the Singapore market, we faced challenges in establishing our presence. Hence, we chose
March 25, 2024

grenoco_renovation: how Carousell’s seller tools propel our business towards success

Grenoco Renovation & Painting Pte. Ltd. specialises in transforming spaces into personalised havens of beauty and functionality at direct contractor’s prices. Their journey on Carousell started 5 years ago, leveraging the platform to reach a wider audience and connect with clients seeking top-notch renovation solutions. We believe that Carousell's wide audience reach, community engagement opportunities,
January 04, 2024

singaporehackingtiling: We have seen an increase in leads after 2 months on Carousell

Singapore Hacking & Tiling is a one-stop shop for budget-friendly renovation services. They have been on Carousell for 1 year, providing direct contractor pricing for hacking and tiling services for residential and commercial spaces. They chose to use Carousell as it has proven to be a valuable tool for connecting with a broader customer base
December 03, 2023

pengkweewatches: Carousell connects like-minded people beyond a simple buy-and-sell interaction

Meet Leon (pengkweewatches), a watch dealer and retailer, who has been a user on Carousell for almost a year. One of the most popular brands that he offers is Rolex, which captures the interest of many customers seeking timeless and elegant designs for watches.  Leon chose Carousell as a selling platform because of its effortless
October 17, 2023

nimbushomes: We noticed an increase in enquiries after our first few Bumps

I'm Daniel Thong, the founder of Nimbus Homes, a home and commercial facility services company specialising in housekeeping, cleaning, painting, and maintenance services.  For home services, our best-selling product is our weekly basic home cleaning 3-hour package. This service offers a convenient way for people to maintain a clean home while freeing up their time
September 22, 2023

move_move_movers: We saw a significant growth in our customer base after using Carousell

Hello, my name is Sky, and I am the owner of Move Move Movers. We are a professional moving company providing relocation services to our clients. We take pride in offering a wide range of moving services, including residential and commercial relocation, packing and unpacking, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and storage solutions. We chose to