Smart Bump

Introducing our newest feature, Smart Bump

Bump is one of our most popular seller tools that get you up to 70% more impressions.
Smart Bump is made for sellers who want their listings to get continuous visibility within their budget.

With Smart Bump, your listing will automatically be bumped to the top when it moves lower than its optimal position.

Smart Bump is perfect for sellers who want to:

Make optimal use of their budget

Give their listings continuous visibility

Set up a Smart Bump campaign with 3 simple steps

1) Choose a listing you want to activate Smart Bump on.

2) Click ‘Promote’ under the listing in the profile tab OR in the listing details page
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3) Go to ‘Smart Bump’ and set your ideal budget. 3 2 1 4) Click ‘Bump listing’ and you’re good to go!

5) Check how your Smart Bump performed by tapping 'View Insights' on your listing. You’ll be able to see the number of Bumps applied, impressions, clicks and chats.
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How does a Smart Bump work?

Set your preferred budget and number of Smart Bumps on a listing and you’re good to go!

Carousell Bump

Every time your listing moves below the optimal position, Bump will automatically activate until all Smart Bumps are fully utilised.

Monitor your listing’s performance such as the number of Bumps applied, impressions, clicks and chats.

Receive a push notification when all Smart Bumps have been fully utilised.

How is Smart Bump activated?

Your listing will be automatically bumped when our system recognises that it has moved down in ranking, and is below the optimal position.

To optimise your budget, Smart Bump is spaced hours apart and paused from 2-6AM.

Why should you try Smart Bumps?

With Smart Bump, your listings get continuous visibility

Smart budgeting

Have flexibility over your advertising budget with Smart Bumps.

You can still run regular Bumps concurrently with Smart Bumps for a custom strategy.

Ready to try Smart Bump?