Carousell Ads

Advertising made easy to increase sales for your online business

Each week, over a million users are active on Carousell and 250,000 of them start conversations with our sellers.

If you’re looking to get their attention, our Seller Tools can help you stand out. Ads like Bump, Spotlight and Shoutout can be used separately or together to drive traffic to your listings, grow your reach, and increase views, chats and sales. These advertising tools are a smart, and easy investment with proven returns.

Drive traffic to your listings
Grow your reach
Increase views, chats and sales

Here’s a snapshot of our most popular Ads, and why you should be using them:


A Bump instantly launches your listing to the top of the marketplace and is the easiest way to reach new groups of buyers. It can be used as a one-off or be repeated over three days.

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A Spotlight pins your listing to the top of its category and across relevant search results. Choose your target audience to show your product to those who are likely to buy it. Pay only when buyers click.

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Shoutout helps build brand love and boosts awareness of your entire product range. The reviews and “stars” on your profile also increase trust in you and your brand.

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Listing on Carousell is free, and we do not charge registration fees or commissions. Our Ads are a smart and easy investment that help grow your business quickly, and can be bought using Carousell Coins. These can be purchased in bulk at a discount.

When should I buy?

When you have one or two particular listings you want to sell quickly, Bumps help boost their visibility

When you have a listing with multiple quantities, Spotlight provides a constant stream of visibility and sales

When you have a large number of listings, Shoutout helps highlight your credibility as a seller by showcasing your strong ratings and reviews. These help to increase sales in the long run.

Give your listings a lift and increase sales multi-fold:

Sharp shooter

Use well-shot photos that show your product from different angles


Include important descriptors, like colour, dimensions and weight, and make your listing exclusive to Carousell

Price it right

Provide value over retail pricing

Painless payments

Use safe and convenient tools like Carousell Protection to close a sale

Sweeten the deal

Accepting promotional codes doubles the chance of a sale

Learn how to win the e-commerce game on Carousell.