38HomeFurnishing: Transforming Spaces with Style on Carousell

38Homefurnishing x carousell

38HomeFurnishing invites you to explore their world of elegant home furnishings since 2014. Originating from China, 38HomeFurnishing has become a trusted name in Singapore’s furniture market, offering a wide range of products including sofa beds and mattresses. With a decade-long presence on Carousell, 38HomeFurnishing has built a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.

Initially operating through other platforms, 38HomeFurnishing found Carousell to be a game-changer with its user-friendly interface and robust advertising tools. By utilizing features such as Spotlight, 38HomeFurnishing significantly increased product visibility, resulting in consistent sales and heightened customer engagement.

38HomeFurnishing’s primary goal is to provide customers with stylish and affordable furniture while delivering exceptional service. With Carousell’s direct messaging feature, 38HomeFurnishing can promptly address customer inquiries and build lasting relationships, ensuring a seamless and satisfying shopping experience.

“The consistency of the seller tools really helps me to get more chats and leads on a consistent basis compared to the other platforms which only do it seasonally”

38HomeFurnishing consistently exceeds customer expectations, making it the go-to destination for all home furnishing needs. Explore 38HomeFurnishing’s offerings on Carousell today and transform your space with unparalleled style and quality!


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