Carousell is giving us better leads as compared to other platforms

Watch Exchange Singapore Pte. Ltd. is a premier Luxury Watch retailer with a physical boutique at Far East Plaza. They started listing their collections on Carousell for almost 2 years now and carry mostly Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Rolex, with the latter brand being the most in-demand one. Their collection also includes sought-after pieces from brands like Tudor, Cartier, Hublot, and Franck Muller.

“Carousell is one of the marketplaces with the widest reach and user-volume in Singapore. What sets Carousell apart is that there are dedicated enthusiasts, collectors, and independent buyers with a more defined intention in purchasing luxury watches, thus giving us better leads as compared to other platforms.

Listing items are also not complicated with options to market our items better with the use of “bumps” and “spotlight”. In terms of curating a collection for sale, Carousell does a better job.

We developed a relationship with our clients thus gaining repeat customers, recommendations, and keen buyers. About 30% of our client inquiries come from Carousell.”

When they started, their goal was to introduce their brand and to maximise their market reach. They were also aiming to establish a reputation for being reliable, client-oriented, and fair in terms of pricing.

Carousell helped them achieve these by solidifying a client-based reviews which they are very proud of! They were also able to achieve increased customer interaction through prompt customer service. And clients can compare prices against the competition in Carousell to see how we competitively valuate our listed pieces, alongside trade and sell-in.

In terms of transactions, they noticed that items on bumps are advertised well, making them sell faster. An increase in sales was very much evident during the holiday season of 2022 with the peak during Chinese New Year. They were able to sustain the good trajectory of sales even during the month.

Aside from the ease of posting and the client communication, their experience is with the Carousell Chat Support Team. Due to marketplace policies, listings could get removed if rules were not adhered to; however Carousell’s live chat promptly assisted them to reinstate their listings quickly and resolve any issues they faced.


When asked if they had any tips for others looking to start their business online:

“Carousell connects you to your target clientele effectively. The technical support is excellent, and you’ll be able to curate your items for sale with ease and build a good reputation for your store. Client communication is also comfortable to navigate.

Presentation is important. Have a good set of images of your products to sell, dedicate time in responding to inquiries to give your clients an impression that your business is sincere and professional. Utilise Bump and Spotlight with quality images/videos and caption to optimize your marketing game.”

Looking for your next watch for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones? We highly recommend checking out on Carousell today!