Thriving in the cleaning business with Carousell

Hi! I am Clara, the co-founder of Clean99, and we are a cleaning company specialising in residential move-in and move-out cleaning. We have been operating our business on Carousell for the past 2 years, offering a range of cleaning solutions, including carpet cleaning, laundry, commercial contract cleaning, and disinfection services.

Choosing Carousell as our selling platform was a no-brainer for us. The platform’s popularity among the local audience was a key factor in our decision. Its user-friendly interface also allows us to connect with customers who are looking for cleaning services.

Before joining Carousell, we faced the challenge of starting a new business without an existing customer base. Thankfully, Carousell’s wide user base helped us overcome this obstacle and provided ample opportunities to acquire our first few customers.

The use of seller tools such as bumps and CarouBiz’s video listings have significantly contributed to the increase in our business transactions. We have experienced up to 50% increase in customer acquisition thanks to the ability to choose strategic bump periods when demand is high. These tools allowed us to showcase our services more effectively, leading to higher visibility and conversions.

One of the most heartwarming moments for us was when we were able to offer pro bono cleaning services to elderly and individuals with mental health conditions. It was incredibly rewarding to make a positive impact in their lives through our services.

Our experience on Carousell has been fantastic, especially the support provided by the customer service team. A piece of advice for other businesses is to prioritise genuine customer reviews as it is the most powerful form of advertisement that can establish a reputation for reliability. We are excited about the future of our business and definitely look forward to continuing our journey with Carousell.