nimbushomes: We noticed an increase in enquiries after our first few Bumps

I’m Daniel Thong, the founder of Nimbus Homes, a home and commercial facility services company specialising in housekeeping, cleaning, painting, and maintenance services. 

For home services, our best-selling product is our weekly basic home cleaning 3-hour package. This service offers a convenient way for people to maintain a clean home while freeing up their time for other aspects of their lives. It’s also a cost-effective alternative to employing a full-time live-in maid.

Carousell is a great additional platform for us to advertise our services to the public as it has a wide reach to locals and expat communities, and is also a great alternative to other common channels such as SEM advertisements. Moreover, its chat feature enables seamless communication with our customers, helping us build stronger relationships.

Our experience on Carousell has been great so far. Listings are easy to set up and we noticed a large increase in volume of enquiries and visibility after our first few bumps.

Our account manager was also extremely helpful in providing valuable insights such as adding our contact details on our cover photo to allow interested customers to reach out to us and streamline the whole communication process. 

If you are unsure about using Carousell for business, I would recommend giving it a try! For businesses operating on larger scales, having an account manager will definitely be beneficial to jumpstart your marketing efforts on Carousell. The initial investment is minimal, and the exposure for your business can be significant!