Hackstagebuilders: Carousell is the number 1 platform that bridges direct owners and contractors

Meet hackstagebuilders, a direct contractor for your home renovation needs. From hacking, dismantling, to reinstatement, find the service you need at competitive prices.

They have been using Carousell for over a year, and experienced over 30% increase in leads after using Carousell seller tools.

“Carousell is the number 1 platform that bridges us to direct owners and other contractors and ID partners as well. As a business, it’s always good to explore all channels to boost business. ”

At hackstagebuilders, they believe in the safety of workers while providing their hacking and dismantling works professionally and efficiently. Their aim is to provide customers with great prices and a hassle free process. Their service also includes necessary paperwork submission for wall demolition and renovation approval. Whether your project is big or small, they take pride in their work and aim to deliver satisfaction in their service!

When asked what tips they have for other businesses, they believe in transparent pricing and giving all customers a good customer service experience throughout the renovation project, regardless if the project is big or small. This helps with generating word of mouth as well – nothing beats a genuine testimonial and referral from a delighted customer! They also believe in taking care of their employees, and in return, they will take care of the company. We can’t agree more with them!

Looking to give your home a renovation makeover? Check out hackstagebuilders today!