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Carousell Success Story for doing side hustle online
April 19, 2021

asap_locksmith: Always keeping the customer first

Having worked in the service industry for many years, Kes realised that advertising his services on Carousell is the key to unlocking the path to success with local clients. “On Carousell, we usually get the local clients, they are more Singaporean, they are like your next-door neighbour.” Kes’ most memorable experiences so far have always
Carousell Success Story for online business
April 19, 2021

eDSLRs: An increase of at least 30% in foot traffic to their physical store

Determined not to let their brick and mortar business hit the wall, Eddy expanded their offline-only store back then and ventured into online marketing with eDSLRS since 2014. Eddy first tried Carousell by listing his own personal used gadgets and was pleasantly surprised when he managed to sell his used mobile phone within a week,
Carousell Success Story for ecommerce business
August 16, 2019

Lyk Mobile: We’ve grown with Carousell

When Mr Gavin Loh took his first bold steps into the world of entrepreneurship in 2014, starting Lyk Mobile (@lyk_repair), a mobile phone trading and repair business, he wasn’t alone. “Carousell has been key to our business from the start. While we experimented with a few other classifieds platforms, our returns were biggest with Carousell.
Carousell Success Story for making money online
August 16, 2019

Lightlines: Mastering the art of the deal with Carousell

In Weiying Yeo’s home studio, several watercolour pieces sit in various stages of completion. The 28-year-old turned her hobby into a sideline business in 2017, when she discovered that she didn’t need a gallery to sell her work. Carousell offered a ready - and free - online gallery for, and its chat feature provided
Carousell Success Story for earning money online
August 16, 2019

Airple: Cool leads from Carousell Ads

In an industry like air-con servicing, the competition can really heat up. A search for a way to stand out was what first led Delia Gan, Customer Manager of her five-year-old family business, Airple, online. But the leads generated from search engine-based investments and some online classifieds sites were tepid and added little to the
Carousell Suucess Story for online selling
August 16, 2019

Kienmengho: Shocking success

It started as a way for watch-collector Ho Kien Meng (@kienmengho) to sell some of his impulse G-Shock purchases. But over the last two years, his page has turned into a destination for aspiring G-Shock owners - and a money-spinner that keeps him busy “from morning to night”. "After I found Carousell, one thing led
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