mobilerelation: Buyers get a sense of security with the InstantBuy warranty program

Mobile Relation was established in 2018 specialising in the buying and selling of electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, ipads, laptops and earphones among others. They took their business to Carousell in 2013. Their best-selling products are mostly Apple products.


They chose Carousell as a selling platform they felt it was “very user-friendly, creative and innovative. I believe it was the first app to my knowledge at the time, that allowed sellers to post product photos.”


“Being able to show actual product photos is much better than having to describe its physical appearance, especially when you are selling pre-owned products”


As a result, it has helped their customers better understand the condition of their products through virtual means before making a purchase. 


Mobile Relation is now a partner under Carousell’s Certified Electronics program, also known as InstantBuy.

Hear what they had to say about InstantBuy:


What were some of your difficulties prior to joining InstantBuy and how has InstantBuy helped your business?

Before the program, they stated buyers were hesitant to buy pre-owned products online. But with InstantBuy, buyers feel a sense of security due to certification and added warranty service.  Buyers feel confident purchasing from certified resellers. Coupled with Carousell’s warranty program, it greatly increased our sales. With InstantBuy, we saw about 7x increase in listing views and 4x increase in sales.


How has the experience been on Carousell so far? 

Our experience with Carousel so far is excellent. We strive to provide our best knowledge and services to our buyer and provide immediate after-sales service should there be any product issue faced after purchase. And yes, most customers who give us reviews mentioned about the good services and this acts as a form of encouragement to us.


Any tips for the other merchants/businesses on how to find success on Carousell with InstantBuy?

I would recommend other secondhand electronics sellers to join InstantBuy as it would greatly help in gaining customer’s trust and sales. Most importantly, if you want to sell a product, first of all you need to know your product well. Provide as much information as you can and be truthful on the condition. If there are any defects, state them and make sure your buyer knows beforehand.