Kienmengho: Shocking success

It started as a way for watch-collector Ho Kien Meng (@kienmengho) to sell some of his impulse G-Shock purchases. But over the last two years, his page has turned into a destination for aspiring G-Shock owners - and a money-spinner that keeps him busy “from morning to night”.

“After I found Carousell, one thing led to another. I had started selling my own stuff but then found an opportunity to make some money, and invested in new stock to sell. And I found myself so busy – whether generating leads or replying to messages,” the semi-retiree says. Carousell is the only platform on which his stock is available.

Kien Meng’s success is fuelled by both Carousell as a platform and Carousell Ads. He routinely uses Bump and Spotlight in creative combinations to keep his listings top of mind, he says.

The returns speak for themselves: Kien Meng’s account has over 8,000 followers and counting.

“I buy Carousell Ads every day and get up to 6,000 views,” he explains.

“(When you sell online), you need to be seen to get traffic. The reviews you receive are also very important,” he says, adding that he responds to views and enquiries with great customer service and ensures stock availability.

To him, Carousell has proven to be the perfect shopfront. “Even in my worst month, I still make a decent five figure income… I don’t have to pay for rental and I don’t have to pay for brick and mortar operational costs. My favourite part about selling on Carousell? The moment I open my eyes in the morning, my shop is open.”

I buy Carousell Ads every day and get up to 6,000 views.

Ho Kien Meng

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