Why summer is peak season for Home Services in Singapore

Top most searches under home services - Carousell

It’s pretty much summer all year round in Singapore. The concept of ‘summer months’ may not mean much to us who have been accustomed to the hot weather. However, while Singapore only has one season, the typical ‘summer months’ – usually from somewhere within April to July, still sees climate changes characterised by a surge in heat, humidity and rain. This coupled with more human activity at home caused by the holidays, provides a catalyst for the spike in demand for home services in Singapore.


Here we dive into the key factors – driven by our users – that contribute to the sharp increase in demand for Home Services we see evidently occurring in the Carousell marketplace. 


Top most searched service under Home Services over the summer months:

  1. Mover Service
  2. Handyman Service
  3. Aircon Service
  4. Plumber Service
  5. Delivery Service
  6. Electrician Service
  7. Cleaning Service

Holiday season

These factors coupled with the school holidays form seasonal trends that are seen most evidently in the home services industry. During the typical ‘summer months’, namely between May to July, majority of students in Singapore are on summer break or semester break. Parents tend to take their days off within this period as well, to spend time with their children. This means more than usual human activity at home. 


We see many of our users search specifically for services that result from issues caused by increased usage of household appliances – for example, aircon servicing, plumbers, electricians. Another top-searched service is for movers, which goes to show families tend to move homes during the holiday season, possibly because it is less disruptive to their children’s studies. 


Allergy season

Again, since Singapore only has one season, it means pollen allergies flare up any time of the year. However, other allergens like dust can also easily build up when people stay home more often. Furthermore, the rainy yet warm weather promotes the growth of mould as well, leading to additional triggers. Cleaning services come in handy with furniture that are tough to clean on our own, like sofas, mattresses, carpets and upholstery. 


Dengue season

Mosquitos are at an all-time high during these months as the weather gets especially warm and humid, which is the perfect environment for mosquitos to thrive. The environment at landed property homes is more favourable for mosquito breeding largely due to the differing structural types of each home. Roof gutters and drains can easily trap water, and homes with many plant pots are also conducive places that harbour mosquitos. Specialised cleaning services are often needed for hard-to-reach areas, and mosquito disinfection services are also high in demand for areas considered high-risk. 


Merchants can take advantage of this spike in demand as consumers are on the lookout for services that help alleviate the above issues. Make use of Bump and Spotlight to increase visibility in the marketplace and allow consumers to find your services easily.