How to Write Effective Listings for Home Services

How you write listings for your home services can either compel users to take action or drive them away. It can also determine whether consumers find your services within Carousell or in search engines. In this article, we’ll share 5 tips to write effective listings. 


1. Make Your Titles Clear and Specific


It is often easy to forget that titles play a significant role in driving sales. They help customers recognise what services you offer. In a sea of options, ambiguity will only drive your potential customers to competitors with titles that resonate more with their needs. 


So the first step in writing an effective listing is to make your titles as clear and specific as possible. It helps to ensure that your titles follow naming conventions that are common to your region. 


2. Include Keywords in Your Titles and Descriptions


Keywords, also known as SEO keywords or search queries, are words or phrases that users type into search engines to find topics related to their search. These words also help search engines identify the main focus of your page, blog, product, or service. 


In writing listings for your home services, you want to include keywords in your title and descriptions. This helps search engines understand your services and also improves the ranking of your listings within Carousell, enabling your business to connect with more customers. 


3. Anticipate Needs and Concerns in Your Product Description


An effective listing not only compels people to click but also drives action when visitors land on your product page. And one of the best ways of turning visitors into customers is by anticipating their concerns and addressing them in the description. 


For example, if you offer moving services, include pricing for helpers, wrapping, dismantling, and assembly. By doing this, you reduce the chances of a potential customer turning somewhere else. 


4. Reassure Potential Customers with Supplementary Data


Customers like to be reassured that the money they invest in your service is well spent. But sometimes, especially with home services, it’s often hard to prove with just text and images. 


Social proof comes in handy in such situations. List all your qualifications or certifications, but if those aren’t available, reviews from past customers will work just as well. Also consider quantifying your service, for instance if you’re able to complete the project at a faster rate versus your competitors, including this information would help you stand out. 


5. Employ Feature/Benefit Writing to Entice Visitors 


It’s all too common to see sellers confuse features for benefits – believing them to be interchangeable. But that can’t be further from the truth; features communicate capability, while benefits are reasons to hire a service. 


For example, being a master painter is a feature, but the benefit is a more premium-looking paint job which indirectly increases the value of your home or office. Consciously or subconsciously consumers ask “what’s in it for me?”. A product description that combines both features and benefits is more likely to convert than one that focuses on just features.


Final Thoughts


We hope these tips will serve you well in writing listings that result in better returns for your business. Check out our industry insights for more tips on how to grow your online business. We’ve included ways to market your home service business and ideas on how you can maximise revenue