We updated Search — get more buyers to see your listings

Get more buyers for your Carousell listings

Here are a few tips to help you improve your listing quality and get more buyers to see your listings in search.

1) Provide a clear cover photo

Modern day buyers can scan search results quickly, so they need to be able to easily spot what you are selling. Having high quality images will give buyers a better sense of the actual product. When taking photos or videos for your shop, make it look professional by ensuring your products are well lit with clean backgrounds and consistently styled for products within the same category. Take photos from multiple angles and include visuals or videos showing how the product looks when worn/used.

2) Give a concise title

Firstly, long titles often get cut off in search results. Secondly, buyers will quickly browse the search results page to find what they want, and clear and short titles will help them better identify if your listing is what they are looking for. Most of our users mainly use the app, so be sure to include the most important details up front.

3) Complete all questions in the sell form

For certain categories, we have provided additional optional fields as a guide on information buyers would need and likely filter for. For example, if you are selling furniture, you can provide more details such as measurements and condition of the furniture. This gives us more information to rank your listings. If you want to share even more details, you may do so in the description section.

4) Avoid keyword spamming

Spamming too many irrelevant keywords will lower the ranking of your listing. Use relevant keywords that a buyer is likely to use when searching. For example, if you are selling a dress, you can include in the title the brand and style of the dress ( e.g. XYZ brand short-sleeved summer dress) and in the description list down details such as the sizing, colour, material and so on.

5) Price competitively

Buyers love great deals! Check out what other sellers are offering for similar items in the platform to ensure you offer the best price for your buyers.

6) Promote your listings

Sometimes, your listings aren’t showing up because there are many other sellers with similar listings. You may also try our Seller Tools such as Bump and Spotlight that help to pin your listings at the top.


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