E-commerce Tips and Tricks to Increase Holiday Sales

The days, weeks, even months leading up to major holidays are some of the best times of the year for e-commerce. With the right preparations, any business can leverage on the increased number of holiday shoppers to boost sales and maximise profits. In this article, we’ll share a few e-commerce tips and tricks to increase holiday sales. 


Gain an Edge Over the Competition


Not all months are created equal, some months more than others, especially holiday seasons have a higher demand for products and services. This is usually when customers are more open to trying out new brands. One of the best ways of turning curiosity into paying customers is by running ads. 


Promotions on marketplaces like Carousell gain you more impressions and more engagement and ultimately more sales. Consider experimenting with video ads to stand out from the competition. 


Prepare Early To Handle the Boost in Orders and Sales


The holiday seasons are a time when consumers go crazy for shopping. Much can be done to make the most of the increased demand. 


Begin marketing promotions well before the holiday season starts. Ensure you have enough inventory, and your staff is prepared and trained to handle the spike in orders.


By starting promotions early or even extending them for longer periods, your business can drive greater returns. This is only valid, of course, if you are well-stocked. The last thing you need is to run out of inventory at the height of a busy season. 


Induce Action by Bundling Products


Product bundling is a marketing technique used to encourage customers to buy more products. Not only is it commonly used in fast food chains, where burgers, sodas, and fries are sold as a combination, product bundling is used in retail and e-commerce sectors as well.


This tactic is great for holiday sales because it gives customers the perception that bundles are cheaper and more valuable versus standalone products. 


Besides motivating customers to take action, product bundling offers several benefits including increasing average order value, decreasing marketing and distribution costs, and reducing inventory waste. 


Entice New Buyers with Promotions


One of the biggest incentives for consumers to try new stores during the holiday season is better prices. 


Consider offering limited-time sales to attract attention and drive sales. Offers that are bound by time or availability are attractive because they drive urgency. They encourage customers to act immediately for fear of passing up on a good opportunity.


Pro tip


When you offer a significant discount on Carousell, it is automatically highlighted, making it more visible to potential customers. 


Are you Ready to Boost Your Sales?


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