rayafearcagaela: 70% of her leads come from Carousell

Raya Fe Gaela, Real Estate Broker

Raya is a real estate broker dealing with properties mostly in Pasay City. She has been with Carousell for 5 years, and is “very satisfied with this platform because most of my clients come from Carousell.”

She first noticed an increase in business transactions between 2018-2019, much of it attributed to the use of Carousell’s Seller Tools such as Bump, Spotlight and VIP packages as means to advertise her listings. 

When asked to share what’s been memorable for her throughout her Carousell journey, she said “I closed more than ₱100M in sales in 2018, and ₱150M in 2019. They were all cash buyers through Carousell.” 

Raya, like many others, is also on other similar platforms like Lamundi to expand their potential reach. However, she says buyers from Carousell have “more potential, and are serious buyers. They are legitimately looking for a property, and not just shopping around.” and that “Carousell gives me a lot of potential clients.” 

Now, 70% of her leads come from Carousell. 

On what advice she would give to those hesitant to try out Carousell, she said “I can testify that investing in Carousell isn’t a waste of money.” and to fellow merchants, she recommends investing in Carousell ads, “because there will surely be a return of investment.”