armandocagais: Reaching clients all over the world

Armando Cagais, Real Estate Salesperson

Armando started his Carousell journey as a real estate salesperson in August of 2021. Just within his first week, he managed to close a deal for a house and a lot worth ₱​​3.2M.

On why he decided to get on board with Carousell, Armando said he was inspired by his wife, who is also in the property industry, and had already been using Carousell for a year. “90% of my wife’s clients are on this platform.” Citing his wife’s success as well as his own, he’s satisfied with Carousell’s features in helping his business grow. “I don’t use other platforms and have no plans on using them.”

“Carousell has been a big help in promoting my business all over the world.” While Armando is still relatively new to the platform, he emphasized that his first sale from a foreign client came in less than a week from signing up. 

“Carousell’s Bumps and Spotlight helps a lot in finding more clients from all over the world.” 80% of his leads now come from Carousell despite being new to the platform.

When asked if he had any tips or recommendations for sellers who are unsure about trying Carousell, he said “Just sign up and give it a try, from my experience on Carousell, I highly recommend it for your business. You can reach clients all over the world. My first client from Carousell was from a buyer in Switzerland looking to retire here.”

And for fellow Carousell merchants, he just had one thing to say: “Always update your listings!”