Shoutout Builds Brands

Shoutout is the new way to promote your Carousell profile and Custom Collections* with engaging content! It’s designed to increase your business presence on Carousell.

*Note: Custom Collections option is only available for CarouBiz subscribers. If you have not subscribed, simply head over to the ‘Biz’ icon on your profile page to redeem your 30-day free trial. 

Shoutout is only available in Singapore, Philippines and Hong Kong.

Why choose Shoutout?

Flexible Ad

Promote your entire profile or custom collections to increase awareness for your store. What’s more? You can also customise captions for each campaign!

Targeted Exposure

Shoutout appears in relevant categories and is shown to buyers who are already searching for items similar to yours.

Follower Growth

Shoutout encourages repeat buyers and invites them to follow you, interact with your profile, and to become familiar with your product range.

Increase Sales

A growing follower base means more people are exposed to your product range and to every new listing. This greatly increases the potential for sales.

How it works

Tap on the ‘Promote’ button on any of your listings to access the Seller Tools page. Then select the option ‘Create Shoutout’ Create Access Post Access Create Promote Choose to link your Shoutout campaigns to your profile page or Custom Collections*. You need at least 3 images on your active listings to set-up a Shoutout. Then, simply enter your desired caption.

*Note: Custom Collections option is only available for CarouBiz subscribers.
Promote Create Access Finally, select your preferred duration (3-days, 7-days or 15-days) for the campaign and complete the purchase using Carousell Coins.

How to check Shoutout's performance?

Follow these two simple steps to learn how your ongoing Shoutout is performing – including reach, unique clicks and the number of profile visits.

Step 1:

Press the ‘Me’ tab and tap ‘Insights


Tap the ‘Promote’ button on any of your listings to access the Seller Tools page. Then press the ‘View stats’ button under Shoutout.

Step 2:

The ‘Visits’ tab will show the number of profile visits from Shoutout. Tap the ‘Shoutout’ tab to see the number of impressions and clicks!

Your Investment


Shoutouts are a direct response to our sellers’ requests for a way to showcase entire stores and profiles instead of single listings.


Shoutouts prices vary based on your desired duration and intended reach. They can be purchased using Carousell Coins.

Ready to Shoutout?

Property 24 is sunsetting! Property24 Philippines will merge with Carousell on March 8, 2022
Property24 Philippines is sunsetting! Property24 will be merging with Carousell on March 8, 2022