uxvintage: A sense of responsibility is what keeps this entrepreneur going

Trisno is a 42-year-old entrepreneur operating @uxvintage on Carousell, selling vintage clothing of all kinds.

Why Trisno chose Carousell

I decided to start a business account with Carousell sometime in May 2020 to start selling my products. Before that, I was selling sandals and bags at the time. However, I wanted to diversify and start selling vintage wear. I was inspired and encouraged by a few friends working in similar businesses, who told me it was viable and lucrative.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic situation at the time, I thought it would be good to diversify my business in terms of trade. Hence, I started my account on Carousell and began sourcing my merchandise and products. 

As opposed to typical social media platforms which are more social than entrepreneurial, Carousell has a niche in which it has social aspects but is primarily an online business hub where you can sell both new and used items. It has an integrated system and the interface is very convenient, straightforward and easily accessible. Many of my friends who are also entrepreneurs use Carousell as their go-to platform to showcase their merchandise. 

How COVID-19 affected both his business as an entrepreneur

I have a separate physical store that does a different business from my vintage wear online venture. The physical shop was badly affected. It was definitely a huge challenge. Business can be very volatile due to the ever-changing COVID-19 situation. The downside is that you hardly get any walk-in customers. Traffic is low and you still have to pay miscellaneous fees like rental, parking and manpower. Sales plummeted to 1 sale a day, sometimes even none for almost 3 days. The longest dry spell was 13 days. If you’re not able to stomach the adversities that come with being an entrepreneur, don’t do it.  

The experience on Carousell, CarouBiz (Carousell for Business) and its challenges

Carousell has a very accessible system. It is easy and systematic. You’ll see featured listings as well as listings you specifically search for, which is quite comprehensive. However, being in the fashion category can be challenging as the marketplace can get competitive with many non-business owners selling to declutter instead. Spending on a small amount of coins won’t get you the most optimal outcome, thus going for a CarouBiz package with pre-loaded coins and other seller tools was the most value-for-money option.

Memorable experiences on Carousell

Definitely the ones who are always trying to negotiate. Interesting ones are the ones who continue to buy from me, so much so that the special types always sell out fast. I’m also thankful to those who take time to know you as a seller. It’s the same as talking to a customer at a physical shop, they let me know which items they like, what they’d recommend me to bring in next time etc. 

A sense of responsibility is what keeps him going

It all boils down to responsibility. When you have family, or if you’re passionate about something, you will dedicate your time to commit to it. I am very proud of my work, I don’t depend on anyone. I believe the constant hustle is a Singaporean thing. Times have changed and the challenges we face now are different from before, but opportunities are always in front of us.