8thavemobile.sg: Transforming Mobile Phone Sales through Carousell

8Thave Testimonial Carousell

Established in 2018, 8thavemobile.sg has been a trusted presence on Carousell for the past seven years. Co-founders Jerry Oon and Jason Ong recognized the potential of the e-commerce marketplace to transform the mobile phone sales industry, and they have successfully leveraged this platform to reshape how old and new phones are bought and sold. The company has since expanded its operations to include smart home and smart living solutions, going beyond just trading and repairing mobile devices.


“Carousell has the highest traffic for second-hand products, particularly mobile phones, tablets, and repairs. It was the logical choice for us to build our brand presence here. Managing multiple businesses simultaneously, we needed a simple and intuitive app to help us scale. Carousell attracts a community of like-minded consumers, which makes it easier for us to get started and reach the right audience.”


Before joining Carousell, 8thavemobile.sg operated as a traditional brick-and-mortar store. They initially struggled with finding ways to expand their business. However, using Carousell’s Seller Tools like Bump, Spotlight, Shoutout, and CarouBiz, they saw at least a 30% increase in sales and traffic.


The team noticed an uptick in business transactions after utilizing tools like Bump and Spotlight, which helped increase the visibility of their listings. During COVID-19, growth spiked further as the platform’s accessibility allowed them to continue reaching customers despite the challenging circumstances.


**Customer Experience**


One customer struggled to decide whether to repair their outdated iPhone or invest in a new device. Initially leaning towards repairing the old phone, the customer changed his mind after the 8thavemobile.sg team patiently explained the long-term benefits and offered recommendations based on his budget. The customer ultimately purchased a new phone and became a loyal repeat client, grateful for the patient guidance and support he received.

For all your phone repair needs, visit 8thavemobile.sg on carousell.