Top 5 Smartphone Photography Tips every Carouseller should know

Ask any top Carouseller how you can improve your selling results on Carousell and their answer would probably be: “Take nicer photos”.

Great visuals = Great sales.

With thousands of items being listed on Carousell every day, attractive and eye-catching photos of your item will help you stand out in the marketplace and capture the attention of your potential buyers!

So how do you take nicer photos?

I’ve found these photography tips and tricks to work really well for me, so read on if you want to learn how to take better photos and up your Carouselling game! ?

*Disclaimer: I’m not an expert photographer (I still struggle to get that perfect angle for an insta-worthy selfie all the time). But having used the app to sell my stuff for years, I can assure you that you don’t have to be a pro to take photos like one on Carousell! Besides, with a simple built-in camera and photo editing tool on Carousell, all you really need is your trusty iPhone or Android phone to get that perfect shot.

(P.S. All photos featured are taken by our awesome Carousellers!)

1. Keep it simple 

Taking your photos against a simple background is the best way to make your item stand out! You can also use an interesting texture (e.g. wood, marble, concrete) as your backdrop.

2. Find the Light

We might hate the sun in Singapore, but natural light is the most powerful tool you need for great photos (plus it’s free). Take your photos between the “golden hours” from 3pm to 6pm for the perfect lighting. Also, avoid using your flash indoors, as it makes your photos look harsh and unnatural.

3. Focus, focus, focus! 

Ensure your photos are perfectly focused to capture every detail. Simply tap and hold (where you item is) to lock the focus on your camera and snap away!

4. Don’t use stock images

Unless your item is a pre-order, avoid using stock images. Buyers would usually want to see the actual condition of your item and request for more photos through chat. By using non-stock photos, you’ll cut down your selling time by half and make your sale that much quicker!

5. Tell a Story

Make your items come alive! Whether you’re selling a preloved Chanel bag or your old Xbox console, every photo should showcase just how unique and special your item is! An easy tip to spruce up your photos is to use props! (besides they are really helpful in showing how big or small your item is).

For fashion items, model your clothes to give buyers a better impression of how they would look like or use a flat lay to accentuate details!

You can also add text to your photos, create a fun collage, or simply experiment with different angles. The trick is to have fun with it!

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