Stand Out From the Crowd With These 5 E-commerce Strategies

5 stand out e-Commerce strategies - Carousell

Thanks to technology, it is becoming increasingly easier to set up shop and start selling. The downside to that is competitors will follow suit. Making a great first impression is critical to attract visitors and convert them into customers. Learn how to stand out from the crowd and increase customer engagement using these 5 e-commerce strategies. 

1) Quality visuals

As an e-commerce shop, the only way that your potential customers can see the product or understand the service you are providing is through a screen. That is why having quality pictures and videos is of the utmost importance. You have to look good at a glance so that consumers who are browsing will click into your store and make a purchase. 

When taking photos or videos for your shop, make it look professional. Consider lighting, multiple angles, clean backgrounds, consistent placement for products within the same category, visuals showing how the product looks when worn, or product-related videos for your shop. As we know, photos speak a thousand words. Videos say even more. With both quality pictures and videos showcasing exactly what you are selling in your shop, you can catch the attention of buyers as they browse the marketplace.

Carousell quality visuals

photo credit: @edslrs

2) Clear product descriptions

Supplement your photos with an impactful product description that tells buyers everything they might want to know but cannot be seen with the visuals. Include details like dimensions, weight, item counts, or materials. Highlight any defining feature and unique selling point. Since buyers tend to only look briefly at product descriptions, you want to make sure that it is easy to skim through and not too long. 

The product description is a great opportunity to reinforce your brand identity. When writing the product description, use language that is consistent with the tone of voice and style of writing in all your communication channels, including social media posts and site content. Give visitors a clear picture of who you are beyond your products and services. 

3) Understand your market demographic

Who is your target audience? Stand out from the crowd by tailoring your e-commerce shop to suit your market demographic. Everything from the style of photos to the colour scheme, the content of your product description to the types of promotions offered should be aligned to what your market demographic is looking for. There is no point in putting up photos, videos, product description, and promotions that your ideal customer is not interested in. Instead, focus on what your buyer persona might be thinking and address any questions and reservations they may have about your product and services that are stopping them from clicking that button.

Instead of casting a wide net and hoping to catch some customers, adapting your shop to target your market demographic will be more effective in drawing the eyes of visitors. You may also want to try to stay ahead of the game by constantly refining or evolving your offers to keep your demographic interested and excited about your e-commerce shop.

4) Customer engagement

Sales should not be the heart of your interaction with customers. Instead, focus on building a connection and rapport with your customers. By intentionally incorporating customer engagement into the purchase journey, you can personalise the shopping experience, boost customer experience, and develop customer loyalty in the long term. All of which will help you to gain a positive brand image and valuable customer loyalty that keeps them coming back. 

One way to interact with customers and improve customer retention is through quick response times. After all, time is money. According to a survey by Forrester, 73% of customers consider time as one of the most important customer service values. About 78% of consumers will buy from the first company that answers their questions quickly, politely and accurately. Product or service prices thus become secondary. With Carousell’s CarouBiz plans, you can easily manage chat inquiries with quick and automatic replies so that buyers won’t be left hanging. You can create template replies for frequently asked questions or send an automatic reply which lets the customer know that their inquiries are being processed and not ignored. We’ve found that the chat function is especially useful for our sellers and buyers to build deeper relationships and trust. 

5) Take advantage of technology

Another e-commerce strategy is making use of the technology and tools that are available to you. Distinguish yourself with the use of technology. Simplify the shopping process. Use tracking and analytics tools to see what you are doing well or where you can do better. E-commerce platforms like Carousell come equipped with various tools and services that help you manage your business without any fuss. You can analyse how your business is doing with CarouBiz Business Analytics and use Carousell Ads to reach more buyers and increase your prominence with Bump, Spotlight, and Profile Promotion. You should also allow for multiple ways of payment for customers to choose from, including Carousell Protection for more ease of mind. By offering a variety of popular purchasing options, you make it easier for customers to use and give an edge to keep them coming back.

Our convenient and accessible e-commerce platform lets you easily integrate any of these e-commerce strategies into your shop so that you can stand out from the crowd and boost customer engagement. Happy Carouselling!