Profile Promotion


Profile Promotion Builds Brands

Profile Promotion is the best way to showcase your product range and positive ratings as a seller. It increases your business presence on Carousell.

Why choose a Profile Promotion?

Increase Trust

Positive reviews and ‘stars’ on your profile in the marketplace give you a trust boost. This encourages new buyers to buy from you

Targeted Exposure

Profile Promotions appear in relevant categories, and are shown to buyers who are already searching for items that are similar to yours

Follower Growth

Profile Promotions encourage repeat buyers. They invite buyers to follow you, interact with your profile, and to become familiar with your entire product range

Lead Generation

A growing follower base means more people are exposed to your product range and to every new listing. This greatly increases the potential for sales

How it works

Your Investment


Profile Promotions are a direct response to our sellers’ requests for a way to showcase entire stores and profiles instead of single listings


Profile Promotions starts from $5 and vary based on your desired duration. They can be purchased using Carousell Coins

The price of Profile Promotions is pegged to the duration of the promotion as well as the number of buyers you are expected to reach. Pricing is dynamic and dependent on demand

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