Carousell Preferred Merchant Program

Carousell Preferred Merchant Program

At Carousell, we’re committed to enhancing the shopping experience for both buyers and sellers. That’s why we’ve introduced the Carousell Preferred Merchants Program, a special initiative designed to recognise and reward our most dedicated and trustworthy sellers. Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a Preferred Merchant and the exclusive benefits that come with it.


What is the Carousell Preferred Merchants Program?

The Carousell Preferred Merchants Program is an exclusive tier of membership designed for top-performing sellers on our platform. It aims to distinguish sellers who consistently provide excellent service and quality products, enhancing their visibility and trustworthiness on Carousell.

How to be a Preferred Merchant

To become a Preferred Merchant, sellers must meet specific criteria including high ratings, positive feedback, and a track record of timely and reliable product delivery. These criteria ensure that only the best sellers are awarded Preferred status, maintaining a high standard of quality and service in the Carousell community.

Exclusive Benefits of Being a Preferred Merchant

Enhanced Visibility on Carousell

Enhanced Visibility

Preferred Merchants enjoy prime placement in search results and category listings, making it easier for buyers to find their listings.

Exclusive Badges

Sellers receive a special badge on their profile and listings, signaling to buyers that they are reliable and trusted.

Category Banner

Highlights their listings at the top of relevant search results, increasing visibility and boosting sales opportunities.

Full Priority Support from Carousell

Priority Support

Access to a dedicated support line ensures that any issues are swiftly addressed, allowing you to maintain optimal service without disruptions.

Promotional Opportunities

Participate in special promotions, deals, and marketing campaigns that are exclusive to Preferred Merchants.

Current Preferred Merchants

Why Join the Carousell Preferred Merchants Program?

Becoming a Preferred Merchant not only boosts your business but also establishes you as a leading seller in one of the largest online marketplace communities. It’s an opportunity to enhance your selling experience while building closer connections with customers.

Join Us Today!

If you’re committed to providing top-notch customer service and are interested in growing your business, we invite you to apply to the Carousell Preferred Merchants Program. Stand out from the competition and enjoy the benefits that come with being a recognized seller on Carousell.

Ready to take your Carousell business to the next level? Apply now and become a Preferred Merchant, where opportunities and visibility increase with each sale!