pengkweewatches: Carousell connects like-minded people beyond a simple buy-and-sell interaction

Meet Leon (pengkweewatches), a watch dealer and retailer, who has been a user on Carousell for almost a year. One of the most popular brands that he offers is Rolex, which captures the interest of many customers seeking timeless and elegant designs for watches. 

Leon chose Carousell as a selling platform because of its effortless process of setting up an online shop. What sets Carousell apart for Leon is not just the transactions; it’s the ability to form connections with like-minded people beyond a simple buy-and-sell interaction.

After trying out CarouBiz and utilising a combination of seller tools like Bump and Spotlight, Leon’s business visibility has grown significantly and he also saw a noticeable increase in transactions.

Now, I no longer depend solely on walk-ins and regulars; instead, I consistently connect with new customers on Carousell, leading to increased sales, and a more diverse customer base.

When asked about his most memorable experience, Leon mentioned that it was when a satisfied customer left a heartfelt online review and personal message. These small gestures not only boosted his confidence but also displayed the genuine connection formed within the Carousell community, making his overall experience exceptionally gratifying.

One bit of advice he had for aspiring business owners was “invest time and effort in curating eye-catching photos; this makes your product stand out and also allows your buyers to have a positive browsing experience”. As a CarouBiz subscriber, Leon’s Carousell store is well-equipped with a cover photo, high-quality photos showcasing his luxury watches, and a recommended badge to affirm his credibility to buyers. 

Leon also encouraged business owners to experiment with seller tools as “they provide a valuable opportunity to expand your customer base”. Just like what he advised, Leon’s listings are also boosted using Bumps to capture potential buyers’ attention. 

If you are looking for luxury watches, be sure to support pengkweewatches today!