Pandemic spawned new successful packaging business idea

Zachary Tang founded with a business partner at the start of the Circuit Breaker last year. With more consumers turning to home deliveries to stay safe, they wanted to explore providing SMEs and home based businesses with quality and affordable packaging supplies. Wanting to quickly kick off his business, they needed a platform to quickly list products online to validate his ideas.

“As Carousell users already, we were familiar with the flow of listing products. We liked how easily and quickly we could get our products listed. The AI functionality built in speeds up the process of listing products as well. I think an advantage Carousell has over having your own physical/online store is definitely the existing user base,” said Zachary.

One challenge, or perhaps happy problem, they had was managing the chats. “When there were many conversations going on with our customers, it was hard to keep track of them all! Within two weeks, we had many enquiries. We were super surprised at the amount of customers that were interested in our products,” he shared.

Today, they offer various packaging supplies, from outer packaging like mailer boxes and poly mailers, to decorative accessories such as shredded papers and wrapping tissues. They also offer multiple sizes and colours for each product to cater to the wide preferences of our customers. As much as possible, they are also committed to sustainability in their materials and sourcing, such as boxes that are 100% recyclable and made from recycled cardboard.

“Like everyone else, Covid definitely affected our personal lives. Our Carousell shop gave us an outlet to interact with people, and it also allowed us to do something fulfilling by helping our customers. Business has been stable on Carousell. Ever since we received the CarouBiz Booster Package, we managed to grow our revenue by 10% month-on-month on Carousell,” said Zachary. Till date they have served over 5,000 small businesses, SMEs and corporations.


Zachary was recognised for his efforts with the Best New CarouBiz Booster Package Merchant award in the inaugural Caroupreneur Awards. View the list of other winners here.