Omnichannel Strategy: 7 Tips to Drive Conversions

7 tips on how to drive conversions - Carousell

An omnichannel strategy is an advanced marketing method targeted at impacting the activity of a company at all levels. In a study done by The Business Insider, researchers concluded that omnichannel is a highly effective marketing method in driving conversion and brand strengthening. 

That’s why it’s becoming common not just for large companies but also for smaller ones. However, it requires good planning and understanding to optimize the benefits. Here are some of the best practices you need to know about omnichannel marketing for your brand. 

Think through the omnichannel approach 

When it comes to drawing an omnichannel strategy, everything starts from how you understand the plan. First, we must iterate that an omnichannel strategy is different from a multi-channel strategy. When it comes to multi-channel marketing, it implies that you are using a combination of various communication channels, from websites to emails, to get the brand message through. Omnichannel strategy means anticipating and improving customer experience no matter the channel they use. 

You will need to make adjustments to your business’s internal processes to craft a different strategy and train your employees. This is why you need a creative mind to think of a new corporate culture targeted at the brand’s omnichannel future. Understanding customer behaviour through data analytics can help you to imagine your customer’s journey and make it more intuitive.  

Plan your budget well 

When running an omnichannel strategy, you must be prepared for some costs, but these will be pretty low when compared to the expected returns. The main costs are associated with updating your systems and equipping it with the latest technology. Training costs also fall within this category. 

One aspect of budgeting to factor in when budgeting for an omnichannel strategy is that it should not be siloed. Make sure to gather data about your strategy progressively and use the information to improve it and get the targeted results. Working with a platform that can help gather data like Carousell’s in-app listing insights that provide data insights on each listing or CarouBiz plans that come with monthly business performance round-ups can help you generate prompt insights. So, make sure to look for the program that is designed to deliver the best results for your brand in Singapore. 

Adjust the company’s internal processes

Businesses that have implemented omnichannel marketing strategies indicate that they started by changing their organization designs. They combine the offline and online marketing teams and then pool together the channels’ budgets. So, start by comprehensively analysing your company to identify the peculiarities that can compromise your strategy. 

Because of the effectiveness of omnichannel strategies in your niche, the analysis should not stop at identifying the easy-to-pick challenges. Furthermore, you need to anticipate the challenges that can compromise your business’s marketing strategy in the future. Through data and business analysis, you can get insights to help you draw the best recommendations for changes in your internal processes. 

Use channels with existing clients

If you are new to marketing, you might feel the urge to try to be everywhere. However, adopting such a strategy can easily result in overspending and less results. If you have only a few clients on Instagram, why would you waste money trying to boost your presence there? The better idea would be to review the channels that your business has a significant presence and target those clients. Then, focus on growth to other platforms.

The good thing about the omnichannel marketing strategy is that you can easily buttress from the known to the unknown. Take the example of a company with a huge following on Facebook. In such a case, a good strategy might be focused on customers’ groups on different social groups or geo-location to net more persons of interest for your brand. As you build some presence in different channels, optimize the experience of your existing clients. 

Focus on understanding your target audience

A customer journey can start either online or offline. When a customer notes your product downtown and follows with the online checkups, your omnichannel strategy should allow him/her to shift with ease for an enthralling journey. As a good marketer, this experience is what will give your brand a competitive advantage over others on the market. 

Services such as our CarouBiz plans help businesses better understand the behaviour of consumers who come into your online store, businesses can then cater their online storefront to the needs of their audience. CarouBiz also allows for categorised listings, which acts as an online catalogue for specific types of products.

What would you feel after getting to a store and you are welcomed with a variety of goods all neatly placed in sections, giving you flexibility of choice? It would feel fantastic, right? Every customer wants to feel this way, and programs developed for omnichannel marketing can help you deliver it for every product. 

Simplify the customer journey 

If customers make enquiries via chats but do not convert, merchants can reach them with discounts and other irresistible offers to make them buy. This will be an excellent way to ensure that the bulk of the traffic discovering your brand and products converts. See, some of the people who enquire about your products might want to do some comparison with others before making the big decision. So, give them that reason to choose your products by reaching them back with offers.

Transform online traffic to offline traffic

After online marketing campaigns, you finally want clients to buy your products, but how do you do this? The most effective strategy is ensuring your staff has all the knowledge about the products that people are enquiring about online and which marketplaces they are offered. Particularly, you should ensure that the staff has access to the database with the latest updates about the products on offer. Even when potential clients who saw related products in other related platforms come to your store front, your staff should be convincing enough to help them make the decision to buy.

Omnichannel marketing is one of the fast-growing marketing trends because of its effectiveness in changing targeted clients’ views about your firm. To get the best results, you should look for the best marketing platforms for customising a storefront. They are developed with you in mind and could be the missing link between the current business operations and its success.


Why try to market your product the traditional way when newer tech-based methods are here to simplify the process? Use Carousell as an additional channel to engage your targeted customers in your omnichannel marketing efforts.