Carousell official delivery

Pick-up and Drop off services now available on Carousell

With Carousell official delivery, you can now choose to have your parcels picked up at your doorstep, or drop it off at a nearest drop off point. Carousell official delivery ensures a seamless and hassle-free delivery experience for both you and your customers*

*Please note that you must have the latest version of the app installed to enable this service.

Pick-ups and drop offs are arranged directly through the Carousell app/website. Please be cautious of buyers who direct you to external links and immediately report the user if you encounter such situations. Learn more about our safety advisory.

Pick-up at doorstep

Drop off at Ninja Points

How to use Carousell official delivery

Step 1: Enable Carousell official delivery

Select and enable Carousell official delivery when you create new listings or edit your old listings. If your listing has multiple quantities, ensure that you select ‘multiple quantity’ option so your listing will not automatically be marked as ‘reserved’ upon each transaction.

Note that certain item types are not accepted for our delivery service. Please check that your item type is accepted before enabling this service.

Step 2: Schedule pick-up or drop off after buyer has selected “Carousell official delivery” as delivery option and paid via ‘Buy’ button

Get your buyers to pay via ‘Buy’ button and choose “Carousell official delivery” as delivery option. View order details and select your preferred timeslot for pick-up to your location.

Step 3: Prepare pick-up/drop off

Pack your items securely. How to pack your items for shipping.

Print out the label and paste it on your parcel. If you do not have a printer, you can choose for pick-up and opt for label printing service!

How much does the shipping service cost?

For more information on Carousell’s pick-up service, visit our FAQ page.