nikedamn: Sneaker-selling turned a customer into a good friend

Carousell Success Story for selling on ecommerce website

Peter has been on Carousell for more than 7 years, but it was not until recently that he started to use Carousell more actively. 


Selling on Carousell is more of a side hustle to the 46-year-old who’s a father of two. Like many others, he uses Carousell to declutter apart from donating his secondhand items to charity or The Salvation Army. 


However, he puts up his rare and limited edition items for sale to avid collectors on Carousell. “Last year, I managed to sell quite a lot due to the COVID situation. I had more time to do it during the Circuit Breaker period.” Peter’s job had been affected by the early stages of the pandemic. He had to take a pay cut during the circuit breaker period and wasn’t eligible for a government grant, which was why he turned to Carousell “to make some lunch money.”


He had initially started selling masks, aside from his other casual items. Business picked up when restrictions were in place, but started to slow as Singapore started to open up again. Thankfully he adapted and transitioned to the sneaker market. 


“The sneaker cult has been very active for the past 3-5 years. The most trending thing online is sneakers. For the past 2 years, it’s gotten even more popular. COVID only slowed the market down a bit. Many still love collecting them.”


On what are some memorable experiences on Carousell he said “I have a customer who turned into a good friend of mine. I had an extra pair of sneakers and I sold that to him. I delivered it to his workplace, turned out he works at Apple. We spoke about our love for gadgets, and he came to know that I’m well-versed in sneaker knowledge. From then on, we became friends and even occasionally caught up for lunch. He’d let me know if there were Apple products on sale, and I’d help him source for sneakers on Carousell.”


He said he also receives compliments, even from younger sellers. He’d sold a pair to a polytechnic student at an affordable price, and the student was very thankful in return. “Some foreign workers like my collection of T-shirts as well. They’re willing to come and collect it from me, and they really appreciate it.”


When asked what kept him going on Carousell, he mentioned “It is a stable and user-friendly app. Just take a picture, type, and simply upload.”


Peter also goes above and beyond for his customers when he is able to. “I’m always running around for my job, so I would deliver for free if it happens to be on the way to a work meeting. Reduce carbon footprint.”

Thank you for doing your part for the environment, Peter!