Lyk Mobile: We’ve grown with Carousell

When Mr Gavin Loh took his first bold steps into the world of entrepreneurship in 2014, starting Lyk Mobile (@lyk_repair), a mobile phone trading and repair business, he wasn’t alone.

“Carousell has been key to our business from the start. While we experimented with a few other classifieds platforms, our returns were biggest with Carousell. Each listing boosted our sales by up to 50 per cent,” he said.

Eventually, he made repairs a focus. Backed by a service centre in Tai Seng and a small army of repairmen, Lyk started offering “doorstep services” – his team could carry out simple fixes, like fixing a broken screen, at his customers’ homes or offices. Larger jobs – like fixing motherboards or repairing water damage – were done at the centre.

“We wanted to offer good products and excellent service in the most convenient way,” he said, adding that on its part, Carousell has done the same for his business.

“In promoting our services, Carousell has proven to be a great platform with real reach, and one that closely supports its sellers, making it easy for us to do business,” he said, adding that overall, Lyk’s partnership with Carousell has grown the business 60% year-on-year.

Over the years, Carousell Ads like Bump, Spotlight and Profile Promotions have increased the returns on his listings. He invests over $3,000 each month on various Ad combinations.

He has even been able to reach businesses, including schools and restaurants, that use iPads and need repair services.

“We’ve seen Carousell evolve with us and create new initiatives and tools to help us reach more people. The close support from the team also makes me confident that as my business develops, Carousell will have relevant tools for me to implement.”

The key difference between Carousell Ads and the marketing options on other sites is that we’re targeting users who are already interested in our services, and not just random people. The matching is straightforward and allows us to be confident that the money we spend works harder for us.

Gavin Loh
Founder, Lyk Mobile

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