You can now list more with free quota in each category

From 27 March 2023, all sellers will have a free quota in each category that refreshes monthly. Your quota determines the number of new listings you can add monthly. This means you can have more listings at a time. 

If you run out of quota in a category, you can either wait till it refreshes after 1 month, or purchase additional quota and list more. Refer to annex below for full list of category quotas.

*Free quotas are allocated to each category, and cannot be transferred for use in another category. Refer to annex below.


The new category-based General quota system only applies to General Goods categories, excluding Autos, Property and Services.

With these new improvements, Coins entitlement will be given in place of listing quota entitlement for all CarouBiz subscriptions.

New Coin entitlement by CarouBiz subscription plan

What you need to know as a CarouBiz subscriber:

  • For all CarouBiz renewals from 27 March 2023 onward, you’ll get Carousell Coins instead of listing quota. Coins will be automatically credited to your account when your subscription renews, and are valid for one year.
  • More flexibility for you! You can use Coins to purchase additional quota or promote your listings —your choice!
  • Your current listings will not be affected. They will remain active and visible to buyers.
  • Between 27 March 2023 and your next subscription renewal date, you can still use your remaining listing quota to add more listings 


We thank you for being part of the Carousell community. Carousell is committed to making buying and selling a better experience for everyone, and we are continually improving on delivering a frictionless user experience for selling and buying.


We hope that this improvement to the listing quota system will allow you to list more quality listings on Carousell and sell more!


For more details on these changes to the listing quota system, read our help article.