[Infographic] How to post a Services listing on Carousell and tips to success!

How to list your Services on Carousell

Start listing in just 6 simple steps!

Step 1: Tap on ‘Sell’

Step 2: Choose or take photos for your listing (up to 10 photos)

Step 3: Choose a Services category

Step 4: Complete the required details of your listing

Step 5: Tap on ‘List it!’ and your listing is now live!

Step 6: Listing professional services require a listing fee between 500-1,000 Coins* (Just under $10!)


*Coins is Carousell’s in-app currency and can be purchased in-app.

How to list Services on Carousell
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Tips to be a successful Home Services merchant on Carousell

Company Bio:
1. Provide a brief one-liner of your company and what it does.
2. Emphasise your value propositions – e.g service locations, operating hours, years of experience

Listing Description:
1. List the type of services you offer neatly – e.g in bullet points, line by line etc
2. Provide warranty details where available e.g 90 days warranty
3. Emphasise safety precautions – e.g standard operating procedures, COVID-19 protocols etc
4. State the available payment methods you take – the more variety the better! E.g Cash, Google Pay, PayNow/PayLah!, Carousell Protection
5. Hashtag relevant keywords so buyers can discover your listings

Listing Photos:
1. Consider including before and after photos to let browsers have a sense of your capability
2. Use relevant, visually appealing images and include how your service can help solve their problem