hmezsofa: People looking for good deals go straight to Carousell

 “Carousell is the way to go especially for start-ups. Once you see the results, you will be glad you chose Carousell” – Hwee, @hmezsofa

Since 2018, Hwee the founder of HMEZSOFA has been selling high-quality and long-lasting pieces of furniture on Carousell. When it comes to home renovations, customisable furniture tends to be 2-3x more expensive and make concealed wiring difficult, thus their best-sellers are naturally ready-made feature walls and TV consoles. 


Compared to the various online shopping platforms, Hwee believes that Carousell has the most market penetration, with many buyers seasoned users of the platform. “When people are looking for good deals, the first app they go to is Carousell.”


In hopes of increasing HMEZSOFA’s brand awareness, Hwee found his way to Carousell. Using Carousell’s seller tools, he was able to reach out to a significant number of individuals. “Up till today in 2022, we are still spending thousands monthly on purchasing the coins.” Carousell Ads have proven its effectiveness in increasing their visibility from their continual investment in Carousell coins.


We noticed an increase in business transactions the moment we started using Carousell’s seller tools,” he said, adding that there is a higher conversion rate with the seller tools.


On what his experience has been on Carousell so far, he said with a smile, “We face all kinds of customers that you can think of!” 


Hwee’s words of wisdom to other merchants: “Carousell is the way to go, especially for start-ups. Even if you’re an MNC, Carousell can be your platform to gain brand awareness. Once you see the results, you will be glad that you chose Carousell.”