highachieversadventure: Pivoting from B2B to B2C due to the pandemic

Tell us about yourself and your business on Carousell!

Hello, my name is Eugene from High Achievers Outdoor Consultants. We are an outdoor education company that pivoted to cycling with the Brompton Bicycle because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Personally, I have been using Carousell since 2017.

We offer Brompton rentals, Brompton bike tours, workshop classes and bike servicing. Apart from our rentals our best selling item is our Brompton touch-up paints. 


Why did you choose Carousell as your selling platform and in your opinion, how is it better than other platforms? 

Carousell offers a large audience of buyers who already have an intent to purchase specific items. Cyclists are always looking out for ideas on how to improve their bicycles. Carousell helps provide buyers with a wide selection of choices for both new and used parts. 


What were some of your difficulties prior to joining Carousell and how has the CarouBiz Booster Package helped your business?

Our traditional business is outdoor adventure camps for schools and we were very B2B so we were not very well known to end consumers. We needed a platform that could reach out directly to consumers for the tours and services that we offer quickly, so we joined Carousell. We wanted to have the enhanced facilities and visibility associated with the CarouBiz package and the verified status that would provide further consumer confidence. Through Spotlight and Bumps, we were able to increase requests and chats by 30% and sales by 20%.


When did you first notice an increase in business transactions?

You’ll naturally get lots of responses if you price your products competitively, but we noticed an impact when we started placing video ads and increasing exposure through Carousell Ads – Spotlight and Bumps. Yes it costs money to advertise but if you can recover that cost through increased sales then it’s worthwhile. 

Can you share with us your most memorable experience on Carousell so far? 

When we first started advertising for our Cycling Tours we received a message in the late evening from a lady who was rather shy in the fact that she had not been cycling for a while and was wondering if we could help her build her confidence. Good thing we answered her questions early and she immediately made an appointment to see us . She has been a strong supporter of our service and now has her own cycling group.


Is there any advice you’d give to someone unsure about growing their business on Carousell?

You could try the free account personally and gain some experience with Carousell Ads first. Thereafter, see if you qualify for e-commerce grants like the CarouBiz Booster Package that comes with government subsidies to help defray the costs. 


Any other tips for merchants or businesses to help them find success like you?

Don’t underestimate the power of a positive testimonial from customers whom you have served. Pay attention to it so that you can keep improving your offering. 

Part of the booster package comes with an assigned account manager who is well versed with new functions and features available at carousell. Digital platforms are constantly evolving, so you should approach your CarouBiz account manager if you have questions or are looking for suggestions on how you can improve your page.