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About half of our customers heard about us through Carousell. Using Carousell Ads not only increased our sales but built brand awareness as well.


Grow your business with Carousell
When you’re trying to grow your business, you want to ensure you’re on a platform that matches your product to those who are likely to buy it.

On Carousell, we instantly connect your listings to close to a million users every week.

Save on registration fees and commissions. Focus on promoting your products or services to those who are likely to buy them.

We show your products in the right product category, to the right audience.

We also make it easy to sell faster with our tried-and-tested Carousell Ads that make even the leanest marketing budget go further.


A Bump instantly launches your listing to the top of the marketplace and is the easiest way to reach new groups of buyers. It can be used as a one-off or be repeated over three days.

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A Spotlight pins your listing to the top of its category and across relevant search results. Choose your target audience to show your product to those who are likely to buy it. Pay only when buyers click.

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Shoutout helps build brand love and boosts awareness of your entire product range. The reviews and “stars” on your profile also increase trust in you and your brand.

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Trusted by over
5,000 sellers

Carousell Coins, our in-app currency for Carousell Ads, helps you set and track your marketing budget.

Over 5,000 sellers use our Ads to move millions of products each month , and many of them have doubled or even tripled their businesses with a committed monthly budget on Carousell.

Carousell: A Trusted Platform

Thousands of merchants – from emerging brands to multinational retailers – have built their businesses with us. Find out how Carousell has helped them grow their presence and boost their sales.

Make payments painless

Carousell Protection, our in-app payment feature, makes getting paid easy by allowing instant payments by credit/debit card or DBS PayLah!


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