@ugartecarsmanila: “Carousell helped us reach a wider audience”

Carousell helped jumpstart Chin and Lloyd Anthony Ugarte’s business in selling cars over 10 years ago when Lloyd was still starting out as a marketing professional in a brand new car dealership. Although the road to where they are today was not easy, Carousell was able to help them digitize their business to reach more car buyers. 


“Carousell helped us reach a wider audience and helped us a lot in finding potential buyers not just locally but also from abroad.” Chin Ugarte further shares: “even with the pandemic, we still get leads on our car listings. Carousell is a great platform with a big following.” 


Ugarte Cars Manila, one of the country’s most seasoned car dealership brands has been with the platform for over 10 years and expressed their advice to fellow car sellers in the Philippines: “If you have a lot of inventory, you should really invest in Carousell.”