Package Ads

Packaged ads that cater
to your needs

A combination of two separate products – Bump and Spotlight, Packaged Ads is designed by Carousell to maximize the potential of our best marketing tools to boost business visibility and cater to the different needs of our sellers for a longer duration.

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“I mostly use VIP Package. My products became visible to a wide scope of customers and there was also an increase of inquiries and orders.”

– Engr. Aries Theo Martinez, @pfeautoairconparts

Why Package Ads?


Combine Bump and Spotlight without having to buy them individually.

Flexible choices

Save up to 70% with a Package instead of purchasing Bumps and Spotlight separately.

Carousell Bump
Maximize ad potential

Utilizing Bump and Spotlight together doubles the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

How to purchase

Tap ‘Promote’ on any of your listings.

Under the ‘Package Promotion’ section, select the type of package you’d like to purchase.

Complete the purchase using Carousell Coins.

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When should I buy Package Ads?

Package Ads maximizes business visibility by bringing together two of our best marketing tools, Bump and Spotlight, that already prove effective on their own.

It offers a hassle-free option for sellers who want to use a combination of Bump and Spotlight without having to repeatedly buy them individually. This is perfect for sellers who want to boost listings for better business visibility over a longer period of time.

The duration of these ads can last for as long as 30 days depending on the package, which is longer than individual Bump and Spotlight.

Boost multiple listings at once with Shoutout

With Shoutout, you can boost your entire profile to showcase your product range as well as positive seller ratings.

A smart and easy investment

Selling on Carousell means that you avoid the registration fees and commissions other sites may charge


Packages can be purchased using Carousell Coins. You can buy Coins in bulk to earn discounts

Our Carousell Ads are affordable, with packages starting at just ₱199

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