Mother’s Day e-commerce trends on Carousell

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, get geared up for buyers looking to show their mothers some love. Consumers spend anywhere between $20 to $100 on gifts for Mother’s Day and it doesn’t stop short at just mothers. Grandmothers, wives, sisters, and even daughters or anyone that’s been a mother-like figure will be on the receiving end this period. 

At Carousell, the top most searched for Mother’s Day gifts online are as such:

Gift sets
Party Decor


For flowers in particular, many Carousell users specifically search for bouquets and carnations. Did you know carnations are traditionally known to be the official flower for Mother’s Day? The Carnation gained significance as the official flower for Mother’s Day when Anna Jarvis, the “founder” of the modern Mother’s Day, distributed hundreds of her mother’s favourite White Carnations when she first celebrated this day in the US. More specifically, pink carnations are often given as it is associated with a mother’s undying and unconditional love. However, many popular flower types like daisies and roses have gained popularity as well.

Gift sets

Trending keywords for gift sets include “hampers” and “bundles”. In recent years gift sets have pushed the boundaries of creativity and now take very interesting forms. For example, flower bouquets or cakes that conceal a cash-pulling device. Gift sets come in handy for those looking for an all-in-one solution to their gifts, or when they just want something convenient instead of having to buy each of their gift ideas individually. 


Mother’s Day is celebrated differently across the globe. But one thing that is often kept constant is celebrating with cake. Other baked goods such as cookies, brownies or macaroons are also popular options this season.

Party decor

Some families take Mother’s Day a level above the others by throwing a party for mom. Popular items like banners and balloons are also often searched for on Carousell. 


One of the best ways to shower mom with love would be to get her jewelry. There’s a negative perception of jewelry being “expensive” and therefore “unnecessary”, but the truth is that there are now many affordable options especially with the rise of handmade jewelry. On Carousell, earrings, necklaces and brooches are trending items during the Mother’s Day period. 


Florists, bakers, party suppliers and local artists rejoice! Mother’s Day season is a perfect time to market your goods as Filipino consumers are on the hunt for gifts. With that being said, here are some ways to promote your ecommerce business for full visibility this season.


Run sale promotions and bundle deals

This goes without saying, but consumers are always looking for a deal – especially on Carousell. Your target audience would be very broad, since almost anyone and everyone has some sort of maternal figure in their life. This calls for a simple and effective approach, which is to run “discounts” or deals in the form of bundles. Make sure your listing is set up and catered towards the Mother’s Day season e.g your titles, descriptions and listing images should align with your messaging. Then, run Bump or Spotlight to get more visibility across the platform. 


Provide customizations for personal touch

With the whole of the Philippines likely to be celebrating Mother’s Day on the same day, personalization makes a significant difference in every mother’s celebration, making it feel more genuine and special. If your business can provide customizable options like adding names to gifts or throwing in customizable cards for users to include personal messages, this could give you an edge over competitors. It also provides a heightened user experience and improves your chances of gaining repeat buyers. 


Optimize delivery options 

With ecommerce being a norm for shopping, delivery options have become a standard must-have for consumers. This means marketing tactics are now more versatile – you can choose to provide free deliveries for those who pre-order or order in advance, or otherwise charge a regular delivery fee, and mark up delivery prices for those who order at the last minute. Regardless of price, always make last-minute deliveries an option to give your customers the best buying experience. After all, aren’t we all guilty of last minute shopping? 


When you cater to the needs of your customers it improves trust in your brand and improves your business’ credibility. Read our success story on an entrepreneur who found e-commerce success on Carousell whilst juggling both motherhood and her passion-turned-business! Wishing all our merchants who are mothers themselves, thank you for your hard work and Happy Mother’s Day!