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Getting Started

New to Carousell? Here are some tips on how to start the ball rolling

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The Carousell Edge

From building your brand to reaching more buyers, Carousell offers some distinct advantages over other platforms

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Carousell Ads: Bump, Spotlight and Profile Promotion

Want to sell more and faster while boosting brand love? These easy-to-use Carousell Ads help you do just that .

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CarouBiz is a subscription to a suite of premium seller tools, designed to help grow businesses.

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Our in-app currency puts our Carousell Ads in your hands. We run periodic promotions for bulk-buys, allowing you to stretch your budget further

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Carousell Protection

Carousell Protection, our in-app payment feature, makes payments painless. And it’s 100% free for sellers.

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Having technical difficulties? We can walk you through some of the commonly encountered issues.

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Carousell Rewards

The more Coins you spend, the more CoinsBack you can redeem.

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CarouBiz Booster Package

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Getting Started

Carousell College is a one-stop portal to help sellers like you grow your business with Carousell. With Carousell College, you learn how to connect with buyers more easily and with greater impact. It is also where sellers can find information on Carousell Ads that can help them drive traffic to their listings, grow their reach, and increase clicks and sales.

To start selling, tap the “Sell” button at the bottom of the screen. 1 2 3 4 5 Use the in-app camera to take photos of your item, or tap to select photos from your camera roll. You can post up to 10 pictures per listing. 1 2 3 4 5 Use the in-built photo editor to adjust the colour, tone, brightness, contrast, sharpness or orientation of an image, and to add filters.

When you’re done, tap the tick on the top right-hand corner of the screen to apply.
1 2 3 4 5
Choose a category, and enter an item title and price. Add more details in the description box so buyers have enough information to make a decision. 1 2 3 4 5 If your listing has multiple quantities, select “Business” mode to keep your listing active even after an order has been placed.

Choose your preferred deal method and enable CarouPay to allow buyers to complete the deal instantly.
1 2 3 4 5
  • Before listing an item, check that it isn’t on our list of prohibited items
  • Tap the “Sell” button to get into the in-app camera and take a snapshot, or upload up to 10 images of your product
  • Choose a category for your item, and enter an item title and a price
  • You can include more details under “item description”
  • Click on “done”, and wait for the offers
  • Check your listing insights regularly, and boost your listings to grow your reach

If the “List it” or “Save it” button remains grey following your edits, you might have missed a required field. Sellers sometimes overlook the “Size”, “Deal method” or “Type” fields, so check those first.

Unfortunately, an item can only be listed in one category, so buyers can find it easily. Even if it might fall under multiple categories, we suggest you pick the one that best describes your item. Choosing the most relevant category also mean our Carousell Ads will better match your products with potential buyers, and in increasing your sales.

Yes. Check our list of prohibited content here. This list exists to protect both our sellers and buyers.

Your Carousell listings are country-specific, so the listing is available to buyers in the same country your profile is set to. However, you can set your profile to another country’s marketplace if that’s where your products are. The reason for this is logistical – getting a product across borders can be both tricky and costly, and buyers and sellers must agree on a method of payment and delivery. That’s why we keep transactions within country borders.

On a platform like Carousell, your choice of photos goes a long way in securing a sale. You can use our built-in photo editor to enhance your images for focus, tone, brightness, contrast, sharpness and orientation. Some quick tips:

  • Actual photos are better than stock images
  • Multiple photos from different angles are better than one
  • A white background is better than a cluttered background
  • Bright and clear photos are better than dark or blurry ones

When a buyer makes you an offer, you can either accept or decline it. Items will automatically be marked as “Sold” when a deal is done. This removes the item from the marketplace so no more offers will be made. Do note that once an item is marked as “Sold”, you cannot edit it, so only hit that button when the item is no longer available. If you have more than one piece in stock, remember to select ‘Business Mode’ when listing the item so it remains available for sale.

Carousell offers several payment options, and you and the buyer can decide which one suits you best. Many of our sellers opt for the simplicity, security and speed of Carousell Protection, which allows you to accept credit/debit cards or DBS PayLah!

Carousell offers several payment options, and you and the buyer can decide which one suits you best. Many of our sellers opt for the simplicity, security and speed of Carousell Protection, which allows you to accept credit/debit cards or DBS PayLah!

The full list of options include:

Carousell allows sellers to contract with buyers in ways that best suit them. You and the buyer should come to an agreement on the most suitable delivery method. You could consider one of the following:

  • Face-to-face meeting
  • Registered mail
  • Normal mail

When you list your item with meet-up enabled, you can select multiple meet-up locations. These could include landmarks that are near your home or office, or any point in between. You can indicate up to 10 locations for meet-ups, so buyers have a choice. You can also search for preferred locations, and provide an indication of available days and times.

If the customer has violated Community Guidelines, we suggest reporting them. You can do this by going to the user’s profile page and tapping the button on the top right corner to show the “Report user” option. In the case of harassment or disputes, you can block a user, which prevents you from receiving any notifications or chats from them.

Yes, you can accept multiple offers on a single listing if you selected ‘Business Mode’ at the point of listing. This prevents your item as being automatically marked as sold . As long as an item is not marked as “sold” or “reserved”, other Carousell buyers will still find it in the marketplace, and can view, start chats or make an offer on it.

Be careful not to accept multiple offers if you only have one item in stock. Accepting an offer is not reversible and signals your commitment to that buyer. Once an offer is accepted, both parties can also leave feedback for each other. Seeing a deal through helps prevent unhappy customers and negative feedback.

Yes, both buyers and sellers can leave a review after an offer has been made and accepted, or after a Carousell Protection order has been completed. You can encourage your buyer to leave a review for you via the ‘Leave a Review’ button within the chat screen.

Carousell is home to a large number of communities and groups with shared interests, including other businesses and entrepreneurs. Look for the Groups section and choose the one that best suits you. You’ll find yourself among like-minded individuals who are happy to share tips, tricks or advice, or simply chat.

There are a few things a seller can do to stay safe on Carousell:

  • Check a buyer’s profile and feedback: Is the account verified? Is the feedback reliable?
  • Keep your chats within the app: Don’t take a conversation to a platform on which it cannot be captured or validated
  • Use our Offer and Accept System or Carousell Protection to secure a transaction and exchange feedback
  • Check and double check that payment has been received before handing over items

Here’s an article with more tips and tricks to stay safe.

If you encourage buyers to use Carousell Protection, then both you and the buyer have a platform to raise and resolve issues with an order. Sellers can offer an exchange or refund. If you and the buyer cannot reach a resolution in seven days, the issue will be escalated to the Carousell Resolution Centre, and we will try and help you reach an agreement.

The Carousell Edge

As a business platform, Carousell offers several distinct advantages, including allowing you to reach a much larger buyer base with little effort.

  • Sell in seconds: Setting up an account is easy
  • Maximise margins: We don’t charge registration fees or commissions
  • Be seen: Carousell puts your products – and brand – in front of a million users weekly
  • Painless Payments: Carousell Protection, our in-app payment feature, means getting paid securely and instantly via credit or debit cards, or DBS PayLah!
  • Boost your profits: Carousell Ads allow you drive traffic to your listings, grow your reach and sales
  • Lean on us: Our tips, tricks and the new tools that we keep adding support your business, and help you do more with less
  • Smart budgeting: Use Carousell Coins – which can be bulk bought at a discount – to set a marketing budget that stretches further. Combine purchases creatively to make the most of them (We’ll show you how)

Our research shows that listing on Carousell and using our simple and affordable Carousell Ads can grow reach, helping you double your chances of landing a sale. Your products are made visible and available to buyers who are already looking for them, and finding a match is made easy.

Listing on Carousell is absolutely free. There are no registration fees or commissions, so your margins are maximised.

Carousell Ads provide a simple, effective and affordable way to boost your visibility and drive traffic to your listings. Bump and Spotlight put your listings front and centre, while Profile Promotions boost your credibility. For more details, check out our Ads FAQ below.

Carousell Protection is our in-app payments system that allows for instant payment through credit/debit card or DBS PayLah!. It makes payments painless, simple and quick, and can help increase buyer confidence and trust. For more information, explore our Carousell Protection section below.

Ads: Bump

A Bump takes your listing to the top of its category, increasing an item’s visibility and your chance of landing a sale. Carousell offers three types of Bumps: an Instant Bump, which is a one-off boost; a 3-Day Bump, which provides three boosts over three days; and an Urgent Bump, which delivers six boosts over three days.

By Bumping your listing to the top of its category, more people will see your item. Our data shows that a Bump helps you reach up to 90% more potential buyers, prompts 40% more requests for chats, and overall doubles your chances of landing a sale.

Bump Scheduler is a new feature to help you schedule your Bumps in advance easily! You can now select the days and number of Bumps per day so you won’t forget to Bump again.

No, there is no limit on the number of listings you can schedule Bumps for.

No, you can schedule Bumps for every day of the week. The maximum number of weeks you can schedule Bumps for will be 8 weeks.

Bump Scheduler allows you to select the days and frequency of Bump but you will not be able to schedule a time for your Bump. Your listing will be Bumped based on the time you first schedule your Bump and follow the same timing for subsequent Bumps.

At the moment you will not be able to cancel or edit your scheduled Bumps. Scheduled Bumps are also not refundable. As such, we recommend that you turn on Business Mode for the listings that you have scheduled Bumps for to indicate multiple quantities available.

Use a Bump for sought-after items that Carousell buyers search for. Bump your item, and that product goes to the top of the list of search results.

A Bump works best in these scenarios:

  • You have only one item and want to sell it fast
  • You have a small budget and just need a quick boost of visibility
  • You want to control when exactly your listing appears at the top of the marketplace

A Bump instantly brings your item to the top of its category. As other merchants add new listings to the category, your item will start to move down. A 3-day Bump and Urgent Bump puts your listing back on top at the stipulated time for three consecutive days.

Wait until your listing has been up for a day or two. If views and chats are fewer than expected, Bump. While there are different ‘peak’ periods for different types of products, we generally have the highest number of active buyers on our marketplace from 7pm to 11pm.

Different Bumps meet different needs. If you’re looking to reach more potential buyers for standard items and you don’t need to move them quickly, a regular Bump does the job (+68.38% views, +65.91% chats). If you are looking to move an item quickly, or have a special promotion, a 3-day Bump (+161.67% views, +106.83% chats) or an Urgent Bump (+320.91 views, +286.36% chats) works best. An Urgent Bump, or six boosts over three days, provides double the exposure, and a higher chance of landing a sale.

Your listing will not be visible in the marketplace once you mark it as ‘Reserve’. If the sale falls through and the item is no longer reserved, it drops back to its original position.

Avoid reserving a Bumped item during 3-day and Urgent Bumps, unless you are certain the buyer is serious, and the sale is in the bag.

A Bump greatly increases the chances of selling an item but cannot guarantee a sale. Bumped items reach up to 90% more buyers, receive 40% more invitations to chat, and have more than double the chance of being sold. Ensuring that you put out high-quality listings also means you draw more buyers, and more buyers boost the chances of landing a sale.

A bump icon appears on the listing itself, or you can navigate to your listing insights for more information.

Yes, you can use Bumps along with Spotlights. In fact, we recommend sellers to Bump their popular listings while running Spotlight for all listings as you will only pay after clicks are delivered for Spotlights.

Ads: Spotlight

A Spotlight is a Carousell Ad that increases the reach of your listing on the Carousell marketplace by helping you secure fixed slots to show your listings to buyers searching for listings like yours. A Spotlight Ad can run for 3 to 30 days, and you only pay for the clicks that your listing gets in real time. You can give your Spotlight Ad an edge with additional tools like Priority and Keyword Targeting.

[Note: Keyword Targeting is not available in the Philippine market at the moment.]

Update! Post-pay model allows you to pay only after clicks are delivered in real time, as opposed to the concept of refunds previously. With the Post-pay model, there will no longer be upfront payment and sellers do not need to allocate Coins to one particular listing. Coins will automatically get deducted from your Coin balance as and when listings get clicks.

  • There will be no more upfront payment
  • Pay only after clicks are delivered in real time
  • You will need to have a minimum of 100 Coins

All existing Spotlights will continue to work as before, they will not be impacted by this change. For any new Spotlight that you create – you would not need to pay upfront, Coins will be deducted as and when you get clicks.

  • As and when your listings get clicks
  • Coins will get deducted from your Coin balance

You can Spotlight as many listings as you want! We would recommend that you Spotlight as many listings (even all) for Spotlight since you only pay after clicks are delivered in real time.

While we are unable to guarantee a successful sale, we can ensure your listing appears in a prime spot so that it reaches more buyers. Often, that translates into more sales.

Both Carousell Ads boost your reach but work differently. Your Spotlight Ad helps you secure fixed slots to show your listings to buyers searching for listings like yours for the duration of your campaign (3 to 30 days), and you only pay for the clicks that your listing gets in real time. This is different from a Bump, which gives an instant boost to a listing but does not keep it in the secured spot. As more listings are added or Bumped, a Bumped listing moves down. Bumps, however, give you control over when your listing appears at the top of the marketplace.

Our Ads are designed to reinforce each other. Your reach will be dramatically increased when you use a Bump and a Spotlight on the same item.

The cost of each Spotlight campaign is determined by several factors: the number of clicks you want per day, the category your item will sit in and how popular it is, and whether or not you choose to add on Priority or Keyword Targeting.

Carousell is a massive marketplace and millions of listings are viewed each day. If you have two or more Spotlight Ads, we will show them to different users until the targeted number of clicks for each listing is fulfilled.

Depending on the number of active campaigns queuing for the Spotlight, your listing may not always appear in the top two positions. Be assured, however, that we will do everything possible to help you hit your daily click target, and that you will only be charged for the clicks your listing receives.

If you mark your listing as reserved, your campaign will be paused for up to 24 hours. If the listing gets unreserved within that time, your Spotlight Ad will resume.

This promotional feature is not available for Cars and Property, but you do have other options to boost your visibility in those categories. If you are a business owner or an agent and want to know more, please email business@thecarousell.com

Make your listing more attractive

  • Take good quality photographs of your items so they are visually appealing
  • Describe your product in enough detail to interest buyers
  • Price your items reasonably
  • Make use of Video Listings available via CarouBiz

This could be due to two main reasons:

  1. The daily Coin limit you have set has been reached 
  2. Your overall Coin balance has gone below 100 Coins. Please top up your Coins and your Spotlights will restart automatically

Top up your Coin balance by buying any of our Coin bundles.

We will add up all your spends for the day on Spotlights and show as a single entry for the particular day.

Ads: Profile Promotion

A Profile Promotion showcases your profile to users interested in the type of items you sell. It appears in the marketplace, and goes beyond individual listings and products, allowing potential buyers to engage with your brand as a whole.

By drawing a buyer’s attention to your profile, you increase brand and product awareness, views, and the odds of both chats and purchases. The positive reviews and stars on your profile also increase trust, so buyers are more willing to spend with you.

Profile Promotions work best when you are trying to build your brand and bring awareness to your profile on Carousell. It is also the best Ad for increasing overall sales across listings and categories.

Carousell offers 3-day, 7-day and 15-day Profile Promotion bundles. Your profile remains amid our marketplace listings throughout the stipulated period.

You can check if your Profile Promotion has been listed on Profile Insights, where you’ll see the Profile Promotion logo on the dates you have chosen. Statistics for additional profile views generated by the Profile Promotion are also reflected here.

Our algorithm takes into account your most popular listings, then showcases your Profile Promotion in categories where users are searching for, or browsing, similar products. If your most popular product is a Rolex watch, for example, your profile will most likely show up in the marketplace when a user is looking for a Rolex or simply searching for watches. The same goes for your most popular categories.

If you want to search for your Profile Promotion in the marketplace, run a search for one of your most-viewed listings. Note that there may be instances where you won’t be able to find your Profile Promotion in certain categories, but you can confirm that your Profile Promotion is running on your Profile Insights page.

The price for a Profile Promotion is based on the sales we estimate it will yield. This is calculated dynamically, and will vary according to demand. Profile Promotion price bundles are recalibrated daily.

Profile Promotions cannot currently be customised. Be assured, however, that the chosen image is selected to best suit targeted buyers, and will most likely be a product that matches what the buyer is looking for.

A Profile Promotion allows you to showcase your brand along with its range of products. A Spotlight promotes a single listing. If you’re looking to increase sales for specific listings, we recommend a Bump or Spotlight. However, if you’re more interested in increasing your overall sales across all listings, we recommend using a Profile Promotion to drive traffic to your profile. A Profile Promotion displays not only up to five of your listings, but also your reviews and ratings. Take advantage of this feature to showcase your reliability and popularity as a Carouseller.

Profile Promotion is only available in Singapore at the moment.  If you live outside Singapore and believe this feature could help you, let us know via contact our consultants.


If you are a seller based in Singapore, Malaysia or Hong Kong, Carousell Coins allow you to buy Carousell Ads for to boost both visibility and sales. These currently include Bumps, Spotlights and Profile Promotions. More details on each of these tools are available on our Carousell Ads page and in the related FAQ section above.

Carousell Coins can be used to purchase Bumps, Spotlights or Profile Promotions, and work like any other e-wallet. You can set a budget for monthly promotions or keep track of your spending. Promotions are available for first-time buyers, and we run periodic promotions for bulk-buys.

Carousell Coins can only be used to purchase Carousell Ads. They cannot be used to secure other goods or services on the marketplace. They can also only be used in the country in which they were purchased. We are constantly rethinking our Ads to make them even more relevant to our buyers, so check back for updates on our newest ones.

Carousell Coins put simple, effective and affordable marketing tools at your fingertips, and buying tools in bundles often qualify you for better deals. We also run periodic promotions for bulk-buys of coins, so do look out for them.

Carousell Coins can be purchased in-app on our iOS or Android app.

You can save even more by using a credit or debit card or PayLah! to buy your Carousell Coins. Simply tap on the “Save more with bigger bundles” button that appears below the Coin bundles for sale.

You can check your Carousell Coin balance under the “Coins” tab on your profile page. Soon, we will have a feature that allows you to track your transaction history.

Carousell’s Paid Coins are valid for 12 months. Free Coins are valid for 30 days. If you have a combination of both, the Free Coins will automatically be used first.

You can read more about that here.

No. Carousell Coins are non-refundable and cannot be converted back into money once purchased.

Carousell Protection

Carousell Protection is currently not optimised for pre-order listings. As pre-order items usually take more than the 7-day delivery timeline allowed for Carousell Protection mailing and meet-up transactions, we do not encourage sellers to accept Carousell Protection orders for their pre-order listings.

Carousell Protection: Fees and Payments

As a seller, Carousell Protection is 100% free with 0% fees for sellers, with no extra charges on your successful Carousell Protection transactions.

Now you will be able to reach out to a wider pool of serious buyers who are looking for trustable sellers. Carousell won’t take a cut for any transaction, 100% of your earnings made via Carousell Protection belong to you.

Setting up your payment method is simple and fast. Set it up once and you are all set to Carousell Protection.

Setting up your payment method is simple and fast. Set it up once and you are all set to Carousell Protection.

Carousell Protection: Postage Rates and Meet-Up Options

With Carousell Protection, you have the flexibility to offer or choose the various options for shipping. Choose between:

  • Meet-up
  • Mailing & Delivery

For meet-ups, remember to select your preferred meet-up location so that your buyers have all the details necessary for a fast deal. Feel free to chat with your buyers to arrange for alternative locations and mailing rates.

It is important to note that sellers should only accept order if both parties can agree on a meet-up time and place as the order cannot be cancelled once you have clicked “Continue and schedule meet-up”.

Sellers can charge buyers for postage based on the rates by SingPost. Find out more about SingPost’s postage rates here.

Feel free to engage external delivery partners to help with your delivery of bulky items such as furniture. You can then offer your external delivery partner’s delivery method and cost to your delivery options through Carousell Protection. Here’s how:

  1. When listing your item/editing your listing up for sale, tap on ‘Enable delivery options for your buyer’
  2. Check the ‘Custom Courier’ option and fill in your preferred delivery details and set a temporary delivery fee.
  3. When a buyer is interested in your item, chat with him or her to find out the exact delivery location.
  4. Based on the address given by your buyer, find out the rates from your preferred delivery company.
  5. Edit the delivery fee based on the rates given.
  6. Prepare for your delivery!

Note: Always chat with your buyer to ensure that they are agreeable with the terms!

We understand that sellers might have a listing with multiple quantities. In this case, turn on “Business Mode” when listing your item:

This will ensure that your listing will still be visible in the marketplace when an order is placed.

Currently, Carousell Protection listings will automatically be marked as reserved when an order is requested. This is to ensure that there are no multiple orders are made on a listing that has only one unit for sale.

Carousell Protection: Order Cancellation

We understand that at times, sellers might need to cancel the order due to various reasons and that’s cool! Do take note that for:

  • Mailing and Postage: Sellers are no longer able to cancel the order once they have clicked “Start Delivery”
  • Meet-up: Sellers are no longer able to cancel the order once they have clicked “Continue and schedule meet-up”

To cancel a deal, go to “View Order” and tap on the more icon on the top right hand corner of the page. From there, you will be able to see the option to “Cancel Order”.

Please contact Carousell with more information if you are unable to cancel your Carousell Protection order.

Yes, you will be able to cancel the order as long as you have not initiated “Start Delivery” for the order. Your buyer will receive the refunds accordingly based on their payment method.

Buyers who made payment via DBS PayLah! will receive their refunds within 2 hours.

Buyers who made payment via Debit/Credit card will find that no deduction was made in the first place.

Carousell Protection helps to ensure that transactions are conducted with 100% commitment and peace of mind. However, we do understand that there may be certain circumstances where you might choose not to use Carousell Protection.

In this instance, if you do receive a Carousell Protection order request, you may choose to cancel the order and offer the buyer an alternative deal method in the chat.

However, we encourage dealing through CarouPay to get the buyer’s immediate commitment to deal!

Carousell Protection: Pending balance and Cash Out to Wallet

The money from your Carousell Protection deal will be shown in your “Pending Balance” once you tap on “Start Delivery” for the item, or once the seller accepts the Carousell Protection meet-up order. Money in “Pending Balance” cannot be cashed out yet.

If this is your first time using Carousell Protection and you have not verified your ID, you’ll be required to verify your ID by submitting a government-issued ID card before your money moves from “Pending Balance” to “Available Balance”.

If you have verified your ID successfully already, the money will be made available for you to “Cash Out” in “Available Balance” after the order has been completed. Payment will be released into seller’s Carousell Wallet within 24 hours after the order status is set to be completed.

The speed of payouts will depend on your default cash out method.

If you are cashing out for the first time, do remember to verify your identity! You’ll be required to verify your ID by submitting a government-issued ID card before your money moves from “Pending Balance” to “Available Balance”.

Once you’ve verified your ID, money from “Pending Balance” will be made available for you to “Cash Out” in “Available Balance” in less than 24 hours after the order has been completed.

If this is your first time cashing out, check if you have verified your ID and chosen a bank account or debit card for the funds to be cashed out.

Tap on ‘Me’ > ‘Wallet’ > ‘Settings’ icon to verify your identity and set up your default cash out method.

In order to receive payments from your buyer you will need to set up your wallet and verify your identity. Kindly follow the instructions below to facilitate the process.

Go to “Me”

Select the “Wallet” icon

Tap on the “Settings” icon at the top right-hand corner

Tap on “Enter your personal info”

To ensure that your verification goes smoothly, make sure all of your details are accurate, and that the images of your personal identity documents are clearly taken.

Please note that this is a one-time process and you won’t be required to do so again for subsequent cash-outs.

No, SingPass Identity Verification does not work to receive payments from your Carousell Protection orders. SingPass verification is an optional step for users to increase the credibility of your account by logging in via SingPass. Carousell Protection sellers need to set up your wallet and verify your identity with Stripe – our trusted third party payment partner, in order to cash out.

This is a requirement by Stripe to collect, verify, and maintain identity information on the individuals associated with a Stripe account.

These requirements come from regulators and financial partners, and are intended to promote transparency and prevent individuals from using complex company structures to hide terrorist financing, money laundering, tax evasion, and other financial crimes. In particular, these requirements include those contained under the Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act, Terrorism (Suppression of Financing) Act, and sanction regulations.

Read more here

Carousell Coins can be used to purchase in-app Carousell Ads such as Bumps, Listing Fees and Spotlight. Carousell Wallet allows you to receive payments when you sell via Carousell Protection.

The two features are unrelated.

Funds in your Carousell Wallet cannot be used to purchase other items on Carousell or be used to pay for features, such as Bumps and Spotlight.

The entire cashout process should take less than 24 hours, depending on when the buyer has received the item.

Once order is completed > Funds to be transferred from pending to available balance in Wallet (less than 24 hours) > Tap on Cash Out > Money to be transferred to bank account (up to 4 days, depending on bank) or Debit Card (Instant)

As an example: if a buyer indicates that the item was received on Monday, payment will be released into sellers’ Carousell Wallet on the same day. If seller initiates the ‘Cash Out’ process on Monday, and the funds will be transferred to the selected bank account by Friday.

For sellers who choose Debit Cards as their default cash out method, funds will be transferred to the selected debit card instantly after initiating cash out.

Due to internal control and security measures, we are unable to expedite the Cash Out process in any circumstances.

From 21 August 2019, if your Available Balance in Wallet is $1000 or more, the total balance will be automatically transferred to your default cash-out method within 24 hours.

For automatic cash-out of funds more than or equal to $1000, do ensure that you have completed your identity verification within your Wallet and chosen your default cash out method. For users who have yet to complete the above, the funds will remain in your Wallet as ‘Pending Balance’.

To change your default cash-out method, simply tap on your Wallet > “Settings” icon > Select default cash-out method.

No charges will be incurred for manual and automatic cash-outs.

Carousell is committed to providing security and assurance for all our users. With all new listings being Carousell Protection-enabled, transactions between sellers and buyers can now be made with 100% peace of mind and commitment. Carousell Protection is free to use for all sellers, with no hidden costs.

Get ready to:

Sell faster. Sellers who enable Carousell Protection confirm orders 1 day faster.

Offer assurance. Buyers are always on a lookout for trusted sellers who accept Carousell Protection.

Save effort. Say goodbye to having not enough change during your meetups and waiting for buyers to complete bank transfers.

Enjoy greater convenience and commitment from buyers. Choose between mailing or meet up to close the deal faster today!

We’ve selected the following subcategories with great care, as they are items that tend to be easily portable and can be easily verified via images and videos before purchase. As such, transactions in these subcategories can be carried out with more speed, convenience and confidence.

Women’s Fashion

Bags & Wallets

Babies & Kids

Nursing & Feeding
Girls’ Apparel
Boys’ Apparel

Books & Stationery

Children’s Books
Comics & Manga




Electronics & Gadgets – Others
Toys & Games
Video Games (Video Gaming)
Toys & Board Games – Others
Gaming Accessories (Video Gaming)
Others (Video Gaming)

Health & Beauty

Face & Skin Care
Bath & Body
Men’s Grooming
Hand & Foot Care


CarouBiz is a subscription to a suite of premium seller tools, designed to help grow businesses. One of the key features, Video Listings, allow sellers to showcase their services or products like a virtual showroom. Try it out for 30-days free to experience it!

  • 3 x Video Listings
  • 3 x Custom Collections
  • Profile Cover Photo
  • Premium Seller Badge
  • Business Analytics (monthly email performance report)
  1. Go to your profile
  2. Tap on ‘CarouBiz’
  3. Join Free Trial to enjoy your first 30 days for free!

You will only be able to subscribe to CarouBiz via the app currently.

CarouBiz free trial lasts for 30 days.

CarouBiz costs S$29.98/month on a subscription basis and you will be charged at the start of the second month.

You can only pay for CarouBiz through allowed payment methods on Apple store and Google Play store. As of now, you will not be able to pay for CarouBiz with Coins.

Yes, do update your Carousell app via Apple Store or Google Play Store to enjoy the full benefits of CarouBiz.

Yes, since Business Analytics will be sent to you in the form of an email performance report, you will need to update to your business email address in order to receive it during the first week of the subsequent month.

You can manage your subscription through your Apple or Google Play store and choose to unsubscribe. After your current period ends, whether it is part of a free trial or a regular recurring subscription, you will no longer be charged for that subscription in the next month.

You will continue to enjoy the benefits till your current subscription period is over. After this, you will no longer have access to the CarouBiz features.

Your access to CarouBiz features will only expire at the end of your subscription period.

Yes, once you have re-subscribed back to CarouBiz and you have previously created video listings and custom collections, they will automatically be visible again.

CarouBiz: Video Listing

Upon subscribing to CarouBiz, you will be able to upload videos to your listings. You can get up to 3 times more clicks and 50% increase in chats, try it out for 30 days free!

Creating a new listing:

  1. Tap on ‘Sell’ button
  2. Select an existing video ranging from 3s to 30s
  3. Select at least one photo
  4. Create your listing as per normal


Adding a video to an existing listing

  1. Select listing to edit
  2. Add an existing video ranging from 3s to 30s
  3. Select at least one photo
  4. Create your listing as per normal


Your video will always be shown first when you are subscribed to CarouBiz. At least one photo must be selected.

You will be able to upload a video ranging from 3 seconds to 30 seconds.

We currently only have CarouBiz Lite plan, which offers up to 3 videos. Stay tuned to more CarouBiz plans offering more features for you in the near future!

You will continue to enjoy the Video Listings till your current subscription period is over. After this, you will no longer have access to the CarouBiz features.

Yes, for now you can only upload an existing video.

Optimum aspect ratio of the video would be 1:1.

We optimise the video according to whether the user is browsing on Wifi or data.

You can upload up to 50MB (maximum) for the video. We recommend keeping your videos as small as possible so that it will load faster for your buyer.

Video listings will only be played automatically on WIFI.

Sometimes when the connection is weak, your videos may not be uploaded immediately. Do give it a couple of hours and it should be uploaded within 24 hours.

CarouBiz: Custom Collection

Upon subscribing to CarouBiz, you will be able to create curated collections to showcase your promotions, new arrivals, best sellers and more on your profile!

  1. Just above your listings on your profile, tap on ‘Create a collection’
  2. Fill in the title and description of your collection
  3. Indicate if you want it to be a draft or an active collection
  4. Select the listings you want to add to this collection

For CarouBiz Lite, you can create up to 3 Custom Collections.

Do ensure that you have marked the collection as ‘Active’. There are two modes, ‘Draft’ and ‘Active’. ‘Active’ Collections will be live and viewable by others when they come to your profile page. ‘Draft’ Collections are not live and they are not viewable by others.

At the moment, you will not be able to share your Custom Collections.

You will not be able to change the sort order of your Custom Collections at the moment, this is an improvement that we seek to roll out in the future! Your most recently edited collection will be on the top left.

It is currently randomised to give your listings some opportunity to surface every now and then.

It is currently sorted by our Popular algorithm. Our Popular algorithm prioritises listings which our system determines would be best sellers.

Not at the moment, this is an improvement that we will make in the future!

CarouBiz: Cover Photo

Upon subscribing to CarouBiz, you will be able to upload a cover photo on your profile page. This helps to build brand recall and also a great place to shout out about your promotions!

  1. Tap on CarouBiz logo on your profile page 
  2. Tap on ‘Create’ under Profile cover photo
  3. Select a photo 
  4. Crop and reposition your image
  1. On top of the settings icon on your profile page, tap on ‘Edit’ icon
  2. Select a photo 
  3. Crop and reposition your image

We recommend 1500px by 610px. Please refer to the following for examples on what to do and what not to do.

You will continue to enjoy the Profile Cover Photo till your current subscription period is over. After this, you will no longer have access to the CarouBiz features.

CarouBiz: Premium Seller Badge

Upon subscribing to CarouBiz, you will automatically have a Premium Seller Badge pinned to your profile photo. This increases your credibility as a seller and stand out from the crowd!

You will continue to enjoy the Premium Seller Badge till your current subscription period is over. After this, you will no longer have access to the CarouBiz features.

CarouBiz: Business Analytics

Upon subscribing to CarouBiz, you will receive a monthly email performance report. This includes an overview of how your profile did in terms of the number of potential buyers you reached, leads you received and more.

You will receive your monthly performance report through email at the start of the next month, Do update* your email address!

*Settings > Edit profile > update your email address

Troubleshooting: Android

For Android users, if your Listing seems to be stuck at “Uploading”:

  1. Log out of your Carousell session
  2. Log in again

The listing should no longer be “Uploading” and should be successfully posted on your profile. You can also check the Play Store or App Store to ensure you have the latest version of the app installed.

Check out this article to see if your Carousell Notification Settings are correctly set. If you’re still not receiving Push Notifications, check your phone’s data usage settings:

  1. Open device Settings
  2. Go to Data usage
  3. Open Carousell data usage
  4. Check that the restrict background data option is unchecked
  5. Repeat the above steps for Google Services
  6. Ensure “restrict background data” is unchecked in Data usage > Menu Button.
  7. Also, check if your Phone is on Power Saving Mode, which restricts all background data refreshes and may affect notification settings.

Owning multiple Carousell accounts may also interfere with Push Notifications.

To refresh the Push Notification token for the account you’d like to receive notifications for:

  1. Log out of your current session
  2. Force-quit the app through the applications manager
  3. Relaunch the app
  4. Log in to the correct account

(For Huawei and Xiaomi devices)

Ensure that you add Carousell to the list of allowed apps on your Huawei or Xiaomi security settings.

To perform this on Huawei:

  1. Go to your Phone Manager App
  2. Select “Protected Apps”
  3. Add Carousell to the list

To perform this on Xiaomi:

  1. Go to “Services”
  2. Select “Security”
  3. Select “Permissions”
  4. Select “Autostart”
  5. Locate Carousell on the list, and enable Autostart

If you are unable to pull up your camera within the app, try the following::

  1. Go to your profile page
  2. Select Settings
  3. Ensure that the option for “use built-in camera” is unchecked

Troubleshooting: iOS

As of September 2018, we stopped supporting iOS9 on newer versions of Carousell. This was to allow for a faster development time for new features, as well as to better adapt to the new features of the latest iOS versions.

For users who are still on iOS9, update your iOS version to the latest available version, then update your Carousell app. This will ensure that you have the best possible browsing experience.

If your device does not support the latest version of iOS, you can still access your account on the web so that business can continue as usual.

Feel free to contact our consultants with any additional concerns.

Check out this article to see if your Carousell Notification Settings have been set right.

Once this is done and you’re still not receiving Push Notifications:

  1. Log out of your current session
  2. Re-login to your account
  3. Force-quit the Carousell app by double-tapping the home button and sliding the Carousell app upwards
  4. Relaunch the Carousell app

You should now receive notifications for Carousell.

If you have another account, you can send yourself a test message to confirm that your push notifications are now working. Repeat the steps above if you are unable to receive notifications to refresh the connection signal between your device and its servers, and our servers.

If the steps above don’t work, try reinstalling your Carousell app.

The Carousell app is not optimised for use on iPad Air/Mini/Pro at the moment, so you may not get an optimal viewing experience. However, all features in the Carousell app should work just fine.

Your notifications settings can be found in the “Settings” section of your iOS device. Open it, and located Carousell to open up a menu of options.

If you’re unable to find Carousell in your Notifications Settings:

  1. Delete and reinstall the app
  2. Log back in to your Carousell account
  3. You will see the prompt “Receive alerts for chats”. Select “Notify me of chats”
  4. You will then see the prompt “Carousell would like to send you notifications”. Select “Allow”

Once the toggle menu for Push Notifications is visible in your Notifications Settings for Carousell, ensure that it is checked so you can receive notifications on your device:

Check your iPhone’s notifications settings

  1. Open your iPhone settings
  2. Scroll down and select Carousell
  3. Select Notifications and ensure that “Allow Notifications” is checked

Troubleshooting: Web

If you encounter this after submitting listing details or within a chat, it means that the combined size of your photo(s) exceeds 4MB. Ensure that your photos are under 4MB.

If you encounter this while sending a photo via Chat or after submitting your listing to be posted, this may be due to the size or dimensions of your attachment. Resize or crop your photo to a square of 640×640, and ensure that it is no more than 3MB.

If this does not work, contact us here with the following information:

  • Which web browser are you using?
  • What were the exact steps you took before encountering this error?
  • Do you have Carousell open on multiple tabs?
  • How often have you encountered this error?

If you’re trying to log in to your Carousell account on a web browser and see “Error 1006”, this may be because the network you’re using to access Carousell has been flagged as malicious by our security system.

As we constantly upgrade our servers and improve security on our platform, our servers automatically block IP addresses that are found to be malicious and/or suspected of engaging in malicious activity. IP address blocks are usually temporary and are used as a safety measure against potentially malicious activity. They may be lifted upon verification.

If you are constantly facing this error, try switching to another wifi network or use a data network to access Carousell. You may also file an appeal here with your account details and a screenshot of the Error 1006 page you are seeing.

If you encounter the error “mobile does not match the IP address” after submitting your account registration form, this means that the mobile number you have entered conflicts with the network you’re connected to.

As a workaround, register for an account using a different wifi network or if you’re on mobile, use mobile data network when registering for an account.

If you’re still unable to successfully register for an account, download the Carousell mobile app from the Play Store or App Store and sign up for an account with just an email address. Download our app now by clicking here.

Carousell Rewards

Carousell Rewards is a loyalty programme that we’re officially launching in February 2020, rewarding sellers for spending Coins on Bumps (and Bump Scheduler), Spotlight, Listing Fees and/or Profile Promotions with CoinsBack.

Once you spend more than 6,000 Coins in a month to promote your listings or on Listing fees, you will automatically be eligible to redeem free Coins. 

All users in Singapore are eligible for Carousell Rewards. 

There are 3 reward tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold with their respective CoinsBack reward as shown below.

Coins spent are accumulated within the same month. CoinsBack* will be based on the number of Coins you spend in the previous month.

In the month of August, Coins spent will be accumulated from 1st Aug to 31st Aug and for the month of September, Coins spent will be accumulated from 1st Sep to 30th Sep.

*CoinsBack is capped at 3,000 free Coins per month. Free Coins will be valid for 30 days from the day they are credited into your account.

You will receive a message from the Carousell team via chat during the first week of the following month. 

Simply reply ‘YES’ to the message within 3 days to redeem your free Coins! The free Coins will be credited into your account within 7 working days.

Free Coins will be valid for 30 days from the day they are credited into your account.

Make sure to enable ‘Marketing and promotions’ on your Carousell app:

  1. Me
  2. Settings
  3. Notifications
  4. Push Notifications
  5. Marketing and promotions

CarouBiz Booster Package

  • Business entity is registered/incorporated in Singapore (i.e. registered UEN with ACRA)
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding
  • Company’s annual turnover not exceeding S$100 million per annum based on the most recent audited report, or group employment not exceeding 200 employees
  • Must not have an existing paying account with Carousell
  • Priority will be given to applicants with a physical storefront, and whose businesses are in the retail or services sectors

If your application is successful, you will only need to pay a one-time $72 (after being granted the 90% support).

The deadline for application is 31st December 2020. Successful applicants can benefit from the support under CarouBiz Booster Package for six months.

You can sell almost anything on Carousell! Categories with high traffic include: Home Services, Furniture, Mobile & Electronics, Electronics & Gadget Repairs, Sports and Toys and Games.

See the list of prohibited items here.

Yes, you can. You will be eligible if you have not purchased a CarouBiz subscription or Carousell coins between 3rd April 2020 and 3rd Jun 2020.

No, we don’t! You get to keep every bit of earnings to yourself.

The CarouBiz Booster Package is a starter kit to help merchants with little or no experience in e-commerce to digitalise and cope with the COVID-19 situation. After the six-month support, our client success team will have a chat with you to find out how Carousell can continue to help your business.

If you already have an existing CarouBiz subscription, you will need to unsubscribe and the new subscription will only take effect after your current subscription ends.