Carousell Philippines’ 2021 Year-end Round Up

Key statistics to take note of in the Philippines market

14% increase in active browsers year-on-year

In the Philippines, the number of active browsers has gone up by 14% in 2021 compared to the previous year, further substantiating the exponential growth in digital adoption. As more turn towards online shopping, merchants need to adapt and make the digital shift or stand to lose out.

Top searched keywords in every category

Electronics – Laptop
Furniture – Sofa
Luxury – Rolex
Health, Beauty & Personal Care – Chanel
Fashion – Zara
Home Appliances – Refrigerator
Games & Entertainment – Nintendo Switch
Autos – BMW
Property – Quezon City

Summary of findings across key industries


72% of shoppers bought an electronics product in the last 12 months. Half of them bought at least one product in the gaming, mobile, gadgets or accessories category and 25% of respondents bought laptops and computers in the last 12 months. Sub-categories that facilitate entertainment, communication, remote working and cooking topped the Electronics category as people spent more time at home due to COVID-19. 

Carousell Electronics

What this means for merchants: Highlight product features or its practical uses that fit the pandemic lifestyle in your listing description. As hybrid work situations become more commonplace, demand for products of this nature will no doubt stay strong for years to come. Take advantage of major shopping seasons to market your electronic products as well.

Carousell Luxury and Fashion

Luxury and Fashion

95% of millennials in Southeast Asia said that purchasing pre-owned items is more sustainable. There has been an exponential increase in demand for sustainable fashion since 2020 and well over the course of 2021. 50% of Filipino shoppers come to Carousell to look for fashion products to purchase. This is the highest and most popular category in the region, signalling strong demand for sustainable fashion. 

What this means for merchants: Consider highlighting how your business upholds sustainable practices and key features of your products that are environmentally friendly or promote sustainability to appeal to modern consumers’ shopping motivations.


The automobile industry saw a decline in sales as the pandemic took a heavy toll on the sector in its early stages, however it has since picked up in 2021. Carousell saw a 276% growth in activity in the autos category in 2021 compared to 2019, signalling recovery in demand as the industry makes a comeback. The top 3 most popular autos brands on Carousell are BMW, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz, suggesting a general improvement in purchasing power. The year-end season also sees an increase in traffic and transactions as businesses start pushing out year-end sales. 

What this means for merchants: Take advantage of the year-end spike in traffic to list your vehicles, as well as the strong demand to market the more premium brands to maximize return of investments. 


Condominiums remain the top most popular property type on Carousell Property, taking up almost 60% of demand in Metro Manila. Likewise, Quezon City remains the top most popular area. However, it is worth noting that we see an emerging trend in searches for property outside of Metro Manila and in countryside areas as the pandemic has caused an increase in remote working situations. In general, demand for property continues to pick up. Recovery in the upper middle to luxury segment is also particularly strong. The rest of the segments are expected to follow suit, supported by lower interest rates and access to funding. Consumer confidence also remains strong and is expected to be stable throughout the next year. Sales have increased as buyers take advantage of flexible payment terms in anticipation of market recovery.

What this means for property professionals: Continue to take advantage of this optimistic property buying season by maximizing their reach through credible online platforms. Incorporation of virtual tours and 3D layouts continue to assist in facilitating property sales as buyers prefer to compare properties through platforms such as Carousell. The property sector is slowly opening up as the economy shows concrete signs of recovery.