An unusual year in review – Philippines 2020

The year 2020 was far from ordinary.

We’ve seen some interesting changes within Carousell, and we’re here to share key insights with you – so you can plan your business strategies for a better year ahead.

Emerging trends

1. More merchants seeing benefits of video marketing

Carousell top searched keywords 2020

In the Philippines, overall search volume on Carousell increased by 310% compared to 2019

Key insights:

  1. An e-commerce study found 73% of visitors who watch product videos are likely to make a purchase.
  2. On Carousell, more merchants are utilising video listings with a 150% growth in listings over the last 6 months.


Videos can lead to a greater sense of trust. Product videos provide buyers with quality information that static images cannot. From the start, consumers understand the products they’re ordering, eliminating any need for any needless and time-consuming communication.

2. Surge in search volume for fashion and electronics vs 2019

Filipino consumers are known to traditionally patronise physical brick and mortar stores. The industry has, however, seen a dramatic shift to online shopping due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

According to a study by iPrice, the consumer electronics sector has seen a 59% rise in online traffic. Compared to other SEA countries, the Philippines had the highest increase in web traffic for electronics. On Carousell, we’ve seen a 3x increase in search volume for electronics compared to 2019.  

Despite clothing being less of a priority amidst a pandemic and as online fashion retail stores are seeing comparatively less traffic, Filipinos cannot restrain their love for fashion. On Carousell, we’re seeing a 4x increase in search volume compared to 2019, perhaps as consumers look for cheaper alternatives like resale fashion.

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3. Fashion and Health & Beauty are our top categories in 2020!


*Top performing constitutes categories that have the highest demand in terms of search volume in 2020. Top emerging is measured by the increase in search volume from 2019.

Key insights:

  1. COVID-19 has propelled the demand for secondhand fashion. With the slowing economy, many are opting for quality resale products instead, including luxury goods. This has also helped boost sustainability.
  2. With more consumers setting up home offices and classrooms, furniture and consumer electronics have been in demand. Sales for electronics are up by 58% online, with prices inflating for the first time in years. Thus, many turn to platforms like Carousell to look for lower prices.
  3. An ongoing pandemic naturally led to an exponential increase in demand for health-related goods like masks and hand sanitizers.

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