eDSLRs: An increase of at least 30% in foot traffic to their physical store

Determined not to let their brick and mortar business hit the wall, Eddy expanded their offline-only store back then and ventured into online marketing with eDSLRS since 2014.

Eddy first tried Carousell by listing his own personal used gadgets and was pleasantly surprised when he managed to sell his used mobile phone within a week, within his expected price range. “This kind of opened up another world to me. Why don’t I just try to put some of our items from our shop?”

“When we first joined, we were a bit hesitant whether this secondhand dealer platform can help us or not,” Eddy admitted. “But indeed, we noticed at least a 30% increase in shop visiting.”

“With very minimal cost and minimal effort, you can kickstart your online journey,” he added. Because of the nature and interaction of an online marketplace, Eddy noted the benefits of selling on Carousell: “It’s quite different from the traditional way we deal with customers. You save a lot of time, you can make your deal become so much faster.”

A powerful tip from Eddy that some merchants tend to overlook when they first start exploring online platforms: “Try to reply the message, all those kinds of enquiries, try to do it as soon as possible. The sooner you reply, the higher the chance of getting a deal.”

The video function will help alot to explain your product and help people make up their mind.