ertce (EcoRing Singapore): leading the luxury resale scene on Carousell

EcoRing Singapore has been a prominent player in the luxury resale market since 2018. Specialising in pre-loved luxury pieces ranging from bags to watches and jewellery, we’ve been using Carousell as one of our primary sales platforms for our operations.

Before entering the Singapore market, we faced challenges in establishing our presence. Hence, we chose Carousell as we recognised the platform was essential for connecting with local buyers, given its popularity among luxury resellers in the region.

Our primary goal was to maximise sales efficiency and Carousell’s direct message management feature played a crucial role in streamlining communication with potential buyers for each listing and manage waitlisted items efficiently. In addition to using Bumps and Spotlight, our CarouBiz subscription provides access to advanced seller tools such as custom collections and automated replies, facilitating quick sales of older inventory and high-value premium pieces.

We would also like to give a shoutout to our account manager for offering timely assistance with various tasks such as retrieving deleted listings and addressing issues that went beyond standard procedures. His support greatly enhanced our selling experience on Carousell!

Looking to give your pre-loved luxury pieces a breath of new life? Reach out to EcoRing Singapore now!