Increase your quota across all General categories

You can purchase additional quota to list more at a time!

You can now increase your quota* by purchasing custom bundles with Carousell Coins. This allows you to enjoy the flexibility of increasing your listing quota based on your marketing needs. Increase your listing quota for as low as $1!

Increasing your quota is only available in Singapore.

*You can increase your quota for all categories except Autos, Property, Jobs and Services. Listing quotas for Autos, Property, and Services remain the same. 

Why should I increase my quota?

You can now increase your listing quota by just the right amount. Should you wish to list more than the category quota, listing quota bundles give you the flexibility to do so at any time.

How does it work?

How to purchase additional quota

1) Tap ‘Manage listings’ on your profile page on app or web

2) Select ‘Increase quota’ and add as many listings as you need to your quota.


*Listing quota bundles are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase

How to manage your listings?

1) Go to ‘Manage listings’ in your profile page

2) Select the listing and choose an action at the bottom

3) You can mark your inactive listings as ‘active’, or the listings you wish to hide as ‘inactive’

4) Bulk actions are available on the app and web