Carousell Protection


Receive Payments Instantly

Carousell Protection, our in-app payment feature, makes payments painless. Receive money in your Carousell Wallet via credit/debit card or DBS PayLah!, and cash out instantly to your debit card/bank account. As soon as both buyer and seller are satisfied with the transaction, Carousell releases the payment.

Carousell Protection is 100% FREE for sellers, with no extra charges on your successful Carousell Protection transactions. And you’ll get your cash within 24 hours.

Sell More with Carousell Protection

Just follow the steps below and you are all set to Carousell Protection

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Fun facts

  • Carousell Protection helps sellers to close deals more quickly
  • A non-Carousell Protection transaction takes 4 days on average to be confirmed
  • A Carousell Protection sale is usually completed in just 1.5 days
  • Carousell Protection instantly commits the buyer to paying, so there’s no time wasted in chasing for payments or even the need to share your payment details

Find out more

Connect directly with a member of the Carousell team, or check out the Carousell Protection FAQ.

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