CarouSchool Courses

CarouSchool by Carousell College is a programme that provides a series of educational courses run by our partners exclusively for Carousell merchants to upskill and learn how to grow their online businesses. Whether you’ve just started your e-commerce journey or want to explore different facets of e-commerce business strategies, these courses aim to provide holistic insights into how to improve your Carousell journey.


Note: Course fees apply. Learners may utilise SkillsFuture Credit in addition to SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) funding to offset the course fee.

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1. App Discovery & How to Buy and Sell with your Smartphone

Want to learn how to leverage the digital space to grow your business?

App Discovery & How to Buy and Sell with your Smartphone is a 5-day programme that aims to help you achieve the knowledge and skills to improve your online venture. You will learn how to use the apps on your smart phone such as Google Maps, Active Wallet, LifeSG, Paylah/PayNow, Grab, Zoom, and more. There will also be hands-on activities that introduce you to buying and selling items online, and how to post a more effective product listing. By knowing how to communicate with online consumers effectively, you’ll be able to manage your business better and sell more.

By BELLS Academic Group

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2. Building Relationships Winning Customers

Are you having difficulties facing customers? Good customer service can make or break a sale and helps to keep your customers coming back. Learn how to deal with difficult situations without having to burn bridges and get to know your customer’s needs while communicating with them before, during, and post-purchase!

Building Relationships Winning Customers is a 2-day programme that focuses on genuine human interaction between the buyer and the seller. Human touch goes a long way in the digital world where interacting between multiple touchpoints can make greatly improve business prospects.

By Monochrome Learning Solutions

3. Digital Photography and Videography Techniques for Social Media with Smartphone

Want to impress your customers with vibrant and engaging product images but don’t own any fancy equipment? Fret not – for all you need is a smartphone. Utilise short videos to give your customers an extra special shopping experience. Dare to be different to stand out from the competition.

The 5-day programme Digital Photography and Videography Techniques for Social Media with a Smartphone includes hands-on activities covering both indoor and outdoor shoots and explores accessories for your smartphone to achieve better results.

By BELLS Academic Group

About the course providers:

Monochrome Learning Solutions : Aims to provide customized options to clients, done through an exhaustive and complete training needs analysis (TNA) model. The team is recruited from diverse backgrounds who offer multi-faceted perspectives from their life experiences, and extensive experiences in the fields of banking, wealth advisory, health and insurance, and service industries, including areas such as hospitality, retail and call centres.

BELLS Academic Group : For more than a decade, BELLS has been transforming lives with in-demand skills. With more than 140,000 graduates, seasoned master trainers and 6 training centres island wide, we have been equipping Singaporeans with essential skills required for the 21st century. BELLS has become a renowned name for creating learning communities to improve employability. They’ve partnered with e2i, an NTUC initiative to strengthen employment and employability for all their partners and alumni.