Carousell for Business (CarouBiz)

Start building your virtual showroom with zero commission fees on Carousell, Singapore’s leading Classifieds online platform. Carousell for Business (CarouBiz), gives you a premium suite of tools to customise your storefront and to boost your brand.

Carousell Edge

Sell more in seconds

No complicated registration process. You go from account set-up to selling in seconds.

Maximise margins

We don’t charge registration fees or commissions

Be seen

Access a ready marketplace of close to half a million users daily

Boost profits

Our affordable Carousell Ads let you boost traffic to your listings, grow your reach, and increase sales instantly

Lean on us

We provide continued support in the form of insights and new tools so you can do more with less

Smart Budgeting

Use Carousell Coins, which can be bought in bulk at a discount, to set a marketing budget that stretches further. Combine purchases creatively to make the most of your budget

Our sellers' Carousell Journey

"Ever since we’ve been promoting our business on Carousell, we’ve seen an increase of 1.5x to 2x in profits."


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"We noticed at least a 30% increase in shop visiting."

Photography & videography equipment

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Why Caroubiz

Video listing

Get 4x more clicks and 50% more leads by advertising with videos ranging from 3s to 30s

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Custom collections

Organise and showcase your best-selling products, latest listings, promotions and more.

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Profile cover photo

Upload an image of your choice and customise it to highlight your brand or promotions

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Premium seller badge
Premium Seller Badge

Gain buyers’ confidence and stand out with a Premium Seller Badge

Business analytics

Discover insights with a monthly email performance report

Quick and auto reply

Create a list of templated replies to frequently asked questions and schedule automated replies