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CarouBiz Hub’s mission is to equip you with insightful information that will help you grow and sustain your online business in Carousell. We aim to unlock your business’ full potential by providing you with end-to-end strategies that maximize our premium tools and valuable tips that will elevate your store and listings.


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What is CarouBiz?

CarouBiz provides sellers with a premium suite of tools designed to help you both manage and grow your business. Lay down a strong foundation for your profile with tools like video listings, a profile cover photo, and custom collections to further maximise sales alongside Carousell Ads.

NEW! Bump discounts

On top of current discounts, you can enjoy additional up to 12% off all Bump types. Discount is also available for instant Bump!

There is no limited to the number of purchases as long as you remain subscribed to CarouBiz.

NEW! 5% free Coins on Coin bundles

Need more Coins? We’ve got you covered! Get 5% free Coins when you purchase additional Coin bundles. Free Coins will be credited immediately and have a validity period of 30 days.

Free Coins amount is capped, depending on your subscription plan

NEW! Coin entitlements

Purchase seller tools using Coins to drive traffic to your store. Seller tools such as Bumps, Spotlight & Shoutout can boost visibility of your products or services. You can also use Coins to purchase additional category-based quota.

Profile Cover Photo 

Enhance your store layout with a Profile Cover Photo. You can upload a cover photo onto your profile page to tell your brand story, or highlight promotions.

Premium Seller Badge

With a Premium Seller Badge, you can boost your credibility and gain customers’ confidence. It is a purple diamond icon that is automatically pinned to your profile picture when you subscribe to CarouBiz.

Video Listings 

Give your customers a better view of your products or services with Video Listings. Get up to 4x more clicks and 50% more chats by advertising with videos.

Custom Collections

Organize and showcase your listing range with Custom Collections. Give your customers a better browsing and shopping experience when you create curated collections such as Best Sellers, New arrivals and more.

Quick and Auto Reply 

Never lose touch with your customers with the Quick & Auto Reply feature. Provide quality service even when you’re not around. 

Business Analytics 

Learn more about your business and what works for you with Business Analytics. Through our monthly email performance report, you can discover insights that can help to grow your business.

Tips on selling with CarouBiz

Create an easy browsing and shopping experience for your customers.

Use Custom Collection to label your listings into different categories. (ie. New Arrivals, Last Pieces). This way, customers will know where to go and which collection to shop in. 


To keep your customers interested in your listings, make sure to activate your Quick and Auto Reply, so you don’t lose a sale!

Safeguard your customers' trust in you

Give your customers the full view of your listings with Video Listings, to ensure that you are delivering quality products. 


With the Premium Seller Badge, on your Profile it will give your customers peace of mind when they shop in your store. 

Create a strong brand for your business

For any business, a strong brand image is vital. With Profile Cover Photo, customize your page that is unique to your brand. This will also help you stand out from your competitors. 

Make sure that when you establish your brand, it should be aligned with how you present your products in Custom Collection or Video listings.

Adapt to your customers needs and wants

Different kinds of customers will be visiting your store everyday and it is important to understand what will make them buy your product. With the help of Business Analytics, you can study their behavior and adapt to your customers. 

Make use of your Increased Listing Quota if you’ve noticed that your customers are demanding more of your products.

Let’s Get CarouBizy! Big events to watch out for:

Double Digit Sales


Ride the trend of double digit sales with discounts or freebies to go with your listings as customers will all be in the hype of shopping at this time.

Holiday Events 


Be relevant and present during Holiday events such as Christmas, New Year or Valentines Day. Show your customers that your product will make these Holiday events even more special. 

Weekend sales or Flash Sales


Use these quick sales for your on hand items that your customers can easily purchase and even receive on the day itself.

Ad hoc opportunities/ Trending topics


Make sure you are in the know of what is hot in the market, especially if it involves your product. Ride on the hype of these trends to make your product relatable to the market. 

Hear from our CarouBiz sellers!

Premium Seller Badge

“Having the seller badge gives customers more confidence to deal with me” – @Cosmicrainbow, Services

Increase general listing quota

It allows us to list a greater quantity of items and provides us with ample wiggle room in the event that we have a sudden influx of new and unique items for sale.” – @jdlcollective, Fashion

Profile Cover Photo

“With Profile Cover Photo, it helps make my business look legit and more professional to my customers.”  -@carousell_BestBBQ, Hobbies & Toys

Custom Collections

Custom collections are like folders on my profile for me to showcase my promotions, new arrivals, bestsellers and more.” – @Epicvalleygroup, Home & Living

Video Listings

It has enhanced the trust of the customers on how my products work. So it’s gives them the confidence to buy the product without any doubt” – @pitstop_detailz, Autos

Business Analytics

“Business Analytics report helps me understand my posts, how much reach and views it got.” – @brandsplug_sg, Luxury

Quick and Auto reply

“Auto reply saves me the time to type out the same answer to multiple inquiries. As a business owner, time is money. And the time saved can be used to focus on other revenue generating tasks.” – @doubletapme, Hobbies & Toys

Set up CarouBiz with these easy steps:

Step 1

Go to ‘CarouBiz’ on your profile or select the  ‘Promote’ button under any of your active listings

Step 2 

Select the CarouBiz subscription plan that fits your needs