bizkut: CarouBiz Booster Package gave me the ‘boost’ I needed

I am humbled to say that with the seller tools, we made about a 60% increase in sales.
And immediately, it got so busy that I had to open a physical shop.

Hi, I’m Alfiyan and I have been selling cycling apparel on Carousell for over 8 years now. Bizkut started 11 years ago with an intention to provide quality, value-for-money cycling apparel. Our best selling product is our Premium Pro Cycling Tights.

For 8 years, I have been selling primarily on Carousell, as the users also fit our target audience. To us, Carousell is by far the easiest platform to use, and the best for anybody to start their own business. It’s easy to open up an account, and we only have to Snap and Sell!

Honestly, I wanted to close the shop back in January 2020. I felt that it was the end of the road for Bizkut. The amount of effort I placed into this business didn’t give me the intended returns. After hearing about the Caroubiz Booster Package back in 2020, I thought of giving it a try. I tried purchasing one Spotlight for a period of one week. Coupled with the rise of cycling activities in Singapore, sales immediately got a boost. I also used the coins and tools given in the Caroubiz Booster package to strategise and learn which tools work best for me and my business and thereafter, I was able to create my own strategies to implement spotlights, bumps and Profile Promotion. I am humbled to say that with the seller tools, we made about a 60% increase in sales. And immediately, it got so busy that I had to open a physical shop. Carousell and the Caroubiz Booster Package stayed true to its name. It gave me a ‘boost’ that I really need.

Throughout the years, I have made so many friends from Carousell. I’m humbled to have die hard supporters whom I met from Carousell, 5 – 7 years ago, still supporting me and believing in Bizkut. They reminded me of the journey I went through sourcing and producing these quality cycling tights for the cycling community. Some of them came back and reminded me that they used to try on their tights at the staircase landing of my HDB flat. Some even tried their tights behind the dumpsters! All of which happened because of Carousell.

I always recommend anyone who either has a business or wants to start a business, to begin on Carousell. It is because Carousell has the intended audience you want. Most users logged into Carousell to get a bargain and want to buy. Plus, it is that easy to set up and list your products. Carousell also teaches you the basics of selling online, from writing the description to product images and product title. Carousell guides its sellers really well. If you are unable to get sales on Carousell, you may not get sales on any other platforms. Carousell definitely is the best platform to start.

For any merchants using Carousell, you could start to buy coins and use the seller tools like spotlights, bumps and profile promotion. Even if you don’t get immediate sales now, if you do it right, you may get an increase in brand awareness. And eventually, skyrocketing your business!