bash_partystore: Doing what she loves and bringing joy to children

Christina wasn’t always an entrepreneur. Prior to starting a business, she was a financial auditor. She left her job in 2014 with plans to start an e-commerce business dealing with party goods, but she quickly got pregnant after and ended up being a stay-at-home mom. As her kids got older, she had more time to pursue the business again and started Bash Party Store in 2020 and started on Carousell right away. 


She had always been selling pre-loved items on Carousell even before starting her business, and mentioned it was the easiest platform to test the market for any industry when you’re just starting out. Christina mainly operates online, and uses platforms like Carousell to easily connect with clients as her service offers a lot of customisation options. 


“Clients get to choose the goodies they want to include in the package. We source our products carefully – I am a mother myself, so having items that value-add to our children’s growth like items that promote children’s motor skills or general learning and development would be good. We don’t offer snacks or sweets because we want to encourage kids to avoid building up bad snacking habits.”


While the economy took a hit during the pandemic, it allowed Christina to focus on the business better as her husband started helping out while he worked from home. Three months into our CarouBiz Bronze Package, their business grew 2-3x. However, due to the fluctuating COVID-19 measures, they’ve had to adapt accordingly but at the same time giving them the space to experiment with the different sellers to understand which works best for them. 


Christina also made a friend on Carousell who does her own home baking business. They got to know each other as she was once her customer, and they now help each other out by promoting each other’s businesses since their services complement each other. On memorable experiences, she said “COVID-19 restrictions fluctuate often, so many of our clients are unsure of whether they’re able to hold parties. This is why many of our clients greatly appreciate our efforts when they are able to make last minute orders.”


We asked Christina what she’s most proud of in her line of work and what keeps her going. “Being able to start a business doing what I love. I’m able to do so within the comfort of my home, and I am still able to care for my own kids while bringing joy to many children. This is what I am most proud of.”